Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias: Fuse "Latino TV, Soda & Cake" - Gabriel 1 day ago   05:21

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Born in Chula Vista, California, Gabriel Iglesias is the youngest of six children, raised by a single mother. Growing up, the family lived in Section 8 housing in Long Beach, CA. It was during his childhood that he developed a strong sense of humor to deal with the obstacles he faced.

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Steven Kimball
Dude,you make me want my 61' one ton parcel delivery no window barn door on both sides that was converted to a camper van. Thanks amigo.
Harald Eigerson
I do not foresee a long career for the "lady" in pink she's obnoxious and narcissitic. I lost track of how many times she cut Gabriel off, at least the dude waited for a natural pause before commenting or asking a question. When her looks, to the extent she has any, go she should quickly be shown the door. Why? Well what is there to like about her?
robert larios
Ironically the only person in the room that was cool was the one sitting next to Fluffy. I seen the fox news before i guess she's maturing ...
Joe B.
The one in the pink just reeks of silver spoon bitch. Really turn off the switch? What a dick. Gabriel should do it true to his taste In-N-Out. Cnce she's down... she's down xD disciplining that patty yo. That's what a hamburger's all about ♪
Juan Ortega
that butch in the pink is rude ass fuck
the lady in pink is so unlikable..
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"Latino TV, Soda & Cake" - Gabriel Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias: Fuse 1 day ago   03:09

Here is a clip of me talking about Latino TV, Soda and Cake from my Comedy Central special "Hot and Fluffy Comedy." Watch it and let me know what you think.

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