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Moh Se Bol Na Bol, Meri Sun Ya Na Sun - Farid Ayaz | Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad And Brothers - At Up-Tube.com

Moh Se Bol Na Bol, Meri Sun Ya Na Sun - Farid Ayaz Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad and Brothers 10 months ago   12:23

Moh Se Bol Na Bol, Meri Sun Ya Na Sun
Poet: Moalana Mauj
Recital: Farid Ayaz & Abu Muhammad
24 Sep 2014

Moh se bol na bol, meri sun ya na sun
Mein to tohe naa chhoruungii ai sanvare

Baanh churrai jaat ho, nibal jaan ke mohay
hirday main say jaavoo gay Tub marad baton gee tohay

Mori saas nanandiaa phiri to phiri
Mosay phir kiyon na jaey sabbi gaon ray
Ek tu na phiray mo say ae meray piyaray
Main bhi to aee teri chhaon ray

Rahee laaj saram ki baat kahan
Jab prem kay phanday diyo paon ray
Nijam ko lal fakhar diin piyaray
Tumrii kahoo ke main kit jaauun re?

Bagar kay log lugai hamka
Dharat naam to dharo naon ray

Main to apnii Mauj se rahoongi tore sang
Main to yahee na chukuun rahunn thaam ray

Original translation & transliteration by David Matthews, edited by JNS

Speak to me or not, hear me out or not.
I shall not let go of you, O’ my swarthy one!
You snatch my hand away, imagining me weak.
Try pulling out of my heart and then ill call you a man.

Let my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law turn away from me; What does it matter if the whole village leaves me?
Only you must not abandon me, O’ my beloved,

I have come under your shadow.
Now remains what scope for talk of bashfulness and shame?
When my feet are snared in the shackles of love
Fakhar Din is dear to Nizam, his darling
Tell me, if I were to leave you, where could I go?

Let the people of the town revile me;
Call me by any name they wish.
I shall, Mauj, live with you In ecstasy, as I please.
I shall never leave you; I shall remain where I am.

Comments 94 Comments

kuldeep lohani
Jiyo hazaron Saal .....juban bebas Hai....Jaise goongey ko gud mil Gaya ho.....behatareen.
meena purohit
निःशब्द हूँ ।नजर नही हटती आपसे ।आप भक्ति और समर्पण की मिसाल हैं ।काश कभी आपको रूबरू सुनने का मौका मिलता ।
Habib Baloch
Jagdish sharma
aa hhaa wahe
S Tiwari
Adbhut... Awesome. Respect from India
Shfiaq Ahmad
Very Nice 👌
Ummy H
Snanwaz Ali
. .
Farhad Zalmai
Salutes, thousand salutes, and love. May Allah bless you all with his grace and love.
Mahender Pal
Jai ho by India haryana
Magic.poetry and singing
Bawa Bolte
Kdk mashaallah
“Ab aadmi kuch aur humari nazar Mein hay
Jab se suna hay yaar libaas e bashar Mein hay” 😭❤️
Such deep lines... ❤️
Shokat Bhatti
subhan allah
aditi desai
Can someone translate the Urdu pieces please🙏🏼
I can understand the Hindi parts well
Khalid Saleem
Kia bat hai
Manoj Valecha
Divine 💫
Shubham M
Thnks guys for giving the lyrics and translation too👍👍😇
Dinesh Dubey
I am from India but I love him and want to meet him once in my life. Don’t know will I be
shah moin
Dhoondo gy agar mulko'n , mulko'n
Milny k naheen nayab hum
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Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad and Brothers Moh Se Bol Na Bol, Meri Sun Ya Na Sun - Farid Ayaz 10 months ago   2:28:25

BRISBANE, Australia, October 30, 2018 —The Masters of Qawwali, Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad Qawwal and Brothers grace Brisbane for the first time, hosted by the University of Queensland Pakistani Students Association, and performing at the Queensland Multicultural Centre to a sold-out hall.
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00:00 - Introductions and Opening Dua

04:05 - Instrumental Opening

09:45 - Allah Hoo

23:00 - Qaseeda Burdah Sharif

42:10 - Taj Dar E Haram

58:35 - Man Kunto Maula

1:15:38 - Chaap Tilak Sab Chheeni

1:35:15 - Nami Danam Che Manzil Bood

1:44:25 - Sare La Makan Se Talab Hui

1:50:00 - Mera Piya Ghar Aya

2:09:00 - Kangna

2:17:25 - Mast Qalander

2:27:27 - Closing Dua