Wrestling Your Own Mom for $10,000 - Challenge Who can GAIN the MOST WEIGHT in 24 Hours 4 months ago   15:52

Ryan Trahan
Morgz and his mum are officially...
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HIDDEN COMMENT: i'd wrestle his mom for free

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Ryan Trahan
WRESTLE the LIKE button!!! lol anyways plz subscribe and hit post notification bell i love u
Elizabeth Hernandez
More subs than ryan
Dragon Galaxy
R.I.P headphone users 2:16
Last to use internet, i literally was playing on my pc 32 hours, because i was playing like 23 hours straight, then i fell asleep, my friend told me i was still playing, but very poorly, if i can play while sleeping i can stay of internet a week, but still do it poorly as i have No life
Lol martin was saying peppa pig in his sleep or at least it sounded like it
milan sheridan
XD if they have no WiFi why can’t they use mobile data
Balian Depuente
New video:
Morgz ,kill your mum for 100000$
milan sheridan
If u download stuff on Netflix u can watch it with no WiFi and also they can normal tv channels cause they don’t need WiFi and also there are non WiFi games and they also have blue tooth
Arial YT
Out of the seven sins, they are literally greedy as hell 😂 🤣😆
Troy Duffy
I got unlimited gigs bitch
Kaylyn Lokey
my cousin is always watching morgz and when he dose he has the volume all the way up so i will yell "EAR RAPE!" untill he puts earbuds in or turns the volume down :)
luis the great1
Mom: your so bald and stupid
Martin: at least I'm not ugly
Mom: dies inside
nick kritikos
10:38 does he just not have any friends to go out with like tf??
This is how many times morgz mum said cleaning

Kayne Ransom
you should diss morgz
Snake Stopper
I bet they only have one set and just use them over and over
Dangerous Guy
No one:

Bruh i don’t even no:

Morgz: *I wAlKeD 10 sTepS *GONE SEXUAL**
Henry Grafton
Do you know its all fake
Spiral Werqz
I wish I had a mum 😭😭😭😭❤️
Filip Sejer
10:50 literally just smacked my head so hard... It hurts so bad, but it was worth it
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Who can GAIN the MOST WEIGHT in 24 Hours Wrestling Your Own Mom for $10,000 - Challenge 4 months ago   30:09

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