RT Cut Short #66 [May 2019 - Week Best of Game Grumps (May 1 day ago   33:28

The goal of RT-Cut Short is to recap some of Rooster Teeth's memorable moments from the previous week(s) and to possibly get people interested in the videos they may have seen or missed. I want RT-CS and how-do-words-good? to compliment each other every week.

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Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary | Play Pals - 3:19(team kill), 17:23(sword), 18:30(hog)

MIRACLE ROBOT GUN - RT Life - 1:09(chest), 2:13(brutal burnie)

On The Spot #169 - 1:28(growling), 8:24(howling)

BEEFING UP SECURITY - Between the Games - 2:12(gavin is not brave), 2:52(drill bit), 3:41(break=fired), 3:58(stripped)

IT'S ALL BUSTED - Worms Battlegrounds - 11:05(swing and a miss), 22:30(he tried so hard)

INFLATABLE MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - Between the Games - 1:30(we can drop this bit), 4:12(poor fridge), 7:02(test x2)

The Long Dark Parts 1 - Let's Watch - 10:40(jeremy's sad sad sad he drinks)

Hide and Seek RT Life - 4:06(barb and blaine reveal)

Podcast #545 - 5:36(hidden patties), 9:44(what is that?), 25:57(gavin's), 27:38(blood and sauce), 29:10(we've done the bit), 49:14(mcblood)

Dark Deception (Chapter 2) | Play Pals - 14:15(gavin saves the video)

Minecraft #365 - 4:30(bone name nope), 36:01(how much it hurts to be matt), 43:20(panda), 58:11(gasp x3), 1:02:39(lot of faith in ryan)

DO YOU WANT A BALLOON? - Gmod TTT - 58:05(trevor staring at the C4)

Generation Zero - 23:05(propane pop), 32:55(again)

WE WON'T GO QUIETLY - GTA V - 37:10(gavin having too much fun)

NO SCOPE BUNKER BUST - Worms W.M.D. - Worms MAYhem - 18:09(amazing snipe), 27:58(sheep fail), 30:43(where the sheep went), 44:57(wrong button)

The Red Dragon Inn 2 (Part 2) - 25:16(exodia), 26:35(no... to exodia)

Off Topic #182 - 34:50(alfredo will bust), 55:07(GET OUT SQUIRREL!), 1:13:33(trevor wants to gain weight)

Off Topic #180 - 1:45(so much face), 27:07(thumb jeremy), 30:53(like sonic)

Worms W.M.D. #8 - 14:04(omg strike)

Always Open #103 - 44:01(awkward chris), 53:40(group photo)

Podcast #544 - 15:17(NNNNICE), 16:25(burnie is E.T. and a lollipop), 18:36(hotdog head), 19:45(hair colors), 1:00:36(modern heroes)

Off Topic #28 - 14:41(green key fun)

On The Spot - #170 - 3:10(the bell), 4:44(team names), 5:29(hungry), 11:28(the chase), 11:55(warm darkness), 22:55(SNACK TIME), 37:37(NOOOOO)

Off Topic #181 - 1:46(DHD), 42:12(leakage), 43:20(SHOTDOG), 37:49(ryan is talking), 49:21(ryan is talking), 52:29(michael isn't happy), 53:26(trevor is finally listening)

Minecraft #364 - 10:22(phantom and matt dies), 19:19(arrow flare), 20:49(gavin's violent death), 23:44(endermen end), 26:50(goodbye laughs)

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Alyssa Kovacs
Liked for Barbara's face at 1:03
I just noticed that the timestamps are off by a few seconds or so
At 18:47 Jeremy looks like my gym teacher from middle school
I still don’t get how Gavin didn’t win the steak off
I actually want Gavin's steak... Daym
Friendly Neighborhood Writer Man
If Ryan ever wins a YDYD, I want his ending to be like transforming the place into madness and science. Like Sheogorath but, more hateful and sciencey.
The fucking noises that Jack makes when he gets run over in GTA is my favorite noise, right next to Gavin squeaking
Julian Ortega
I lost a lot of respect for Gus after what he said on the podcast. Clown.
Marshall West
My dislike of Fiona isn’t helped by her face at 30:25 because Ryan got interrupted by trevor
Stfup Lindsay u fuck
John M
Rope sheep are quite useless on open worms maps
Gregory Korsos
My head is WAY bigger lul
Julian Ortega
I lost a lot of respect for Gus.
Zero Madness
I was dying
Bill Anderson
"There is security in a stripped screw"

That's a universal truth if I've ever heard one.
Kadin's looking extra pretty nowadays, im so proud of her💖
I literally replayed 0:58 so many times I love Barb's face so much
NC DragonWolf
31:05 Wait wasn’t Kayden a guy?
Miss Lizz
1:03 Barbara's fucking face 🤣🤣🤣
Korrupt Gaming
Jessica is really good at a British accent. I wouldn’t be able to tell it was her
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