Top 30 Most Beautiful College Campuses TOP UNIVERSITIES IN THE USA THAT DON'T REQUIRE 1 month ago   07:36

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My ranking of the top 30 best and most beautiful college campuses in the country. There really aren't any metrics that can be used for a list like this so above all it is just my opinion. Check out my Stadium Series Tour for more on the best college campuses and stadiums in the country.
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The list:

30. University of Chicago
29. University of Tennessee
28. Washington University in St. Louis
27. University of Missouri
26. University of Michigan
25. University of Alabama
24. UC Santa Barbara
23. Lewis and Clark College
22. Harvard University
21. Penn State
20. Elon University
19. University of Mississippi
18. Yale University
17. University of Central Florida
16. Rice University
15. UCLA
14. University of Wisconsin-Madison
13. Florida State University
12. Amherst College
11. Duke University
10. University of Notre Dame
9. College of William & Mary
8. Indiana University-Bloomington
7. Stanford University
6. Wake Forest University
5. University of Washington
4. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
3. Emory University
2. Furman University
1. University of Virginia

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B Ruane
Univ of San Diego and Pepperdine. Anti West Bias on this list.
Sergio Beltran
This video is very subjective.
Tennessee? You must have only seen photos.
University of the South is missing from this list
What about UGA and Oglethorpe?
Have you not seen the University of Colorado at Boulder or the University of Texas at Austin.
Jeffery Leiva
Hey at least you were honest when you said it was just your opinion. They are all beautiful.
Leslie Connito
Vassar College and Oberlin College should be included.
Savanna Obregon
NAU is the only pretty campus of the 3 Arizona universities. We're surrounded by the biggest ponderosa pine forest in the world
War Eagle
A good list except Alabama it’s so boring but I have other reasons
Too 😉
21. Penn State 👍 #WeAre
Snow does not make a campus beautiful.
Jose Jamaica
University of Michigan number one go blues
Ernest Kovach
Truth be told beauty is subjective ....Harvard does not really belong on any top 25 list for beauty. It's not ugly but not that beautiful. Columbia lacks a real campus. It's too spread out, etc. Amherst is in a pretty rural lo ation with view of Berkshires but is merely nice pretty not stunning pretty.
Princeton deserves the list not based on the town which is so so but it's architecture...and facilities.
You will never see MIT on any top 25 beautiful campus list as not even a single MIT student, alum, or faculty member would put it in anything but a bottom 25 !!!! Lol, but true! MIT is loved because of its location Boston/ Cambridge, Mass .and it's facilities but certainly not its campus or architecture. NO TREES, FEW BUSHES, MOSTLY BLAH ARCHITECTURE.Great spirit though.
Ernest Kovach
Army and the US naval academy.
Ernest Kovach
Northwestern U.
Ernest Kovach
Princeton, Cornell, Oberlin, Wellesley, Michigan State U, Wabash, Cal at Berkeley, all have beautiful campuses.
AC Games
I understand that this is your opinion but how did Clemson not make it
venkataraman somasundaram
Beauty is in the beholders eye
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TOP UNIVERSITIES IN THE USA THAT DON'T REQUIRE Top 30 Most Beautiful College Campuses 1 month ago   14:22

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