Top 30 Most Beautiful College Campuses TOP UNIVERSITIES IN THE USA THAT DON'T REQUIRE 3 months ago   07:36

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My ranking of the top 30 best and most beautiful college campuses in the country. There really aren't any metrics that can be used for a list like this so above all it is just my opinion. Check out my Stadium Series Tour for more on the best college campuses and stadiums in the country.
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The list:

30. University of Chicago
29. University of Tennessee
28. Washington University in St. Louis
27. University of Missouri
26. University of Michigan
25. University of Alabama
24. UC Santa Barbara
23. Lewis and Clark College
22. Harvard University
21. Penn State
20. Elon University
19. University of Mississippi
18. Yale University
17. University of Central Florida
16. Rice University
15. UCLA
14. University of Wisconsin-Madison
13. Florida State University
12. Amherst College
11. Duke University
10. University of Notre Dame
9. College of William & Mary
8. Indiana University-Bloomington
7. Stanford University
6. Wake Forest University
5. University of Washington
4. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
3. Emory University
2. Furman University
1. University of Virginia

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Asian Facility
Hi guys! Why MIT is not on this list?
Ramone DeCurta
Michigan not in the top-10 is a joke.
Ramone DeCurta
University of Washington (Seattle) is #1, with Cornell, Stanford, Yale, Dartmouth, and Notre Dame not far behind.

You can argue any of those campuses as #1, but the UW is just special. I’ve visited to 3/5ths of the schools on this list, plus some that SHOULD be listed.

UW-Seattle is urban but has an Ivy League feel, and at the same time offers green acres, water and Mountain views, and eclectic scenery that blends together nicely. Take a virtual tour.

William & Mary
Notre Dame
Lewis & Clark

All beautiful campuses, but none can touch UW.

Princeton, Berkeley, Cornell, Williams, Syracuse, and Pepperdine weren’t even listed but should have been.

UNC Chapel Hill, Wake Forest and some of the other schools listed don’t belong in the top-30. Sorry. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Thanos Ray
John Lopas
U of Tampa should be in there.
Peter Toole
ahh sorry, major disagreement with this list. Perhaps you got a lot of the ones on the list properly, but the order is quite surprising. And some truly beautiful campuses - like Colgate University - are completely absent.

good effort though
William Elliott
No one is going to agree with all of this, but I think it's generally right.
Andrew Naguib
umm.. boston college?
Ulrich Graf
Whoever made this list obviously refused to do their homework ! You give me no other option other than to fail you for your lack of effort !
You lost me at Wash U.
UNC campus (I was there)
Michelle Samuels
No City College of New York, City University. Beautiful Gothic Campus.
Dd D
Ucla is my dream college ☺️☺️
E Meyr
It looks like you never reached Dartmouth College or Brown University.
Michael Wagner
Univ, Of Colo Boulder????
Emily Epic mess
Any one of these lists without Bryn Mawr is fake imo
Larry Cohen
If UConn and Pepperdine are missing, this is a bogus list.
Robert Harrison
Northwestern University should definitely be on the list!
Rhodes College and Sewanee definitely deserve to be on this list. Stunningly beautiful.
Teddy Wong
Yeah, Who cares about some arbitrary list some guy put together and what are his credentials?
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TOP UNIVERSITIES IN THE USA THAT DON'T REQUIRE Top 30 Most Beautiful College Campuses 3 months ago   14:22

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