Realistic Car Drawing - 2017 Ford Drawing Vegeta NEW FORM| BEYOND 6 months ago   10:02

This time I'm drawing a supercar, a 2017 Ford GT. It took me about 4 hours to draw. The Ford GT is my favourite car made by Ford. I'm really happy with the way this car drawing turned out. However I could've drawn the wheels better. Hope you enjoy the video! Let me know what you think!

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This drawing is a derivative of "2017 Ford GT"

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Licensing: Used under CC BY 2.0,

Author: Dave Doe

This drawing is licensed under CC BY 2.0 by Ville Ristimäki


- I Did That - Diamond Ortiz
- Demilitarized Zone - Ethan Meixsell
- Scratch The Itch - Quincas Moreira
- Turn Up Burn Up - Diamond Ortiz

Graphics to my channel are made by: Paradox Graphics

Materials I used:
- Winsor&Newton Promarkers
- Sakura Pigma Microns
- Sakura Gelly Roll
- Centropen White Permanent Marker
- Gray Stabilo Fine Marker
- Faber Castell Polychromos coloured pencil (white)
- Prismacolor Premier Coloured pencils
- Stabilo Swano 4905 pencil (HB)
- Winsor&Newton A3 Bleedproof marker paper

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jincheng hu
The body color gradient is very beautiful
Omg!! Good!!
steve logitech
you've got a talent that is mindblowing bravo to you iv'e subbed
CGI Future
Are you an engineer attempting to draw a car lol
Awww.Tools come in handy THANKS for the tip... I notice when I design free hand takes me multiple renders to perfect
Imanel Art
Ah c du lourd respect ;)
langweiler c
Aasim mansuri.
👌👌👌👌very nice OMG good job👍👍👍☺️
Nic Dewitt
He draws million dollar picture
I draw rip it to shreds and throw it across the room
Beahop Heavy skills
sorry, I like your drawing And the combination of colors , I can know the name of your blue auxiliary tool
Kaiwart Arts
Realistic car drawing dear
iqbalfachriza fachriza
Next toyota ft 86
Linh Huỳnh
Coooooool,make video:Realistic Adventure of TinTin Movie Drawing
Can you draw Centrosaurus Dinosaur and draw Hyena?
Linh Huỳnh
Can you draw Parasaurolophus Dinosaur?
Hussain Anoof
It's a FORD GT
Alessandro Merli
No commente. Respect👏🏼
Digital Art
soo stupid music man you can use mine for free! Come on!
Jakob prince
Eazy mate draw something hard
Ari Hakim
sama kyak backsound nya rey buat trailer 😂😂 nice job broo
trigo g4m3r
Im tryng draw equals this
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Drawing Vegeta NEW FORM| BEYOND Realistic Car Drawing - 2017 Ford 6 months ago   12:33

DrawingVegeta's NEW FORM from Dragon ball Super
Square Size: 5CM

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Used Materials:
Copic Markers Ciao
-Faber Castell HB Pencil
-Faber castell eraser pencil
-Faber castell soft pastels
-Colored pencils polychromos
-Paper: Strathmore Bristol (smooth)

Music: Arc North ft. Krista Marina - Meant To Be
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Song: DEAMN - Save Me
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