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How To Create An Invisible Car | 50 Years Of Bond | Tank Vs Rangie Challenge Pt 1 | Top Gear - At Up-Tube.com

How To Create An Invisible Car | 50 Years of Bond Tank vs Rangie challenge pt 1 | Top Gear 4 months ago   03:19

Top Gear
With a bit of Top Gear engineering Richard Hammond gives a Ford Transit the power of invisibility.

Taken from Top Gear: 50 Years of Bond Cars

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Comments 1300 Comments

Ali Hamid
Yes your absolutely invisible...
Tony Stark took inspiration from this when making his invisible plane
Chris Welcome
I love Hammond
tinkybird RBLX!
put this with a load of modern tech
I had this idea when I was like 7
Dark Jew
I would crash in the back and sue
Special Dude
How is he floating?
Divakar Daivik
So diplomatic
For a ship or a plane this camouflage is sickkkkkkk , for cars maybe in desert or in mountains and green lands but on roads i dont think so !
big boi dan
Put camouflage on it
Nep Nep
forsenCD MY MAN
Atomic Nightmare
Rob Smith
Mirrors..........alot easier. Dohhh
Danyar None
The cops thought the van VAN Ished
Серёжа Платонов
Русские, поставьте лайк)
Waces Ferpit
"An invisible car is something we could see on the road"

Gaurang Kothale
Now with oled you can do it much better
First song heard is the Part 1 of the Goldeneye Overture.
Jay Reno
This is stupid
obxe csmaster
This is the real topgear
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Tank vs Rangie challenge pt 1 | Top Gear How To Create An Invisible Car | 50 Years of Bond 4 months ago   05:05

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