How To Create An Invisible Car | 50 Years of Bond Tank vs Rangie challenge pt 1 | Top Gear 7 months ago   03:19

Top Gear
With a bit of Top Gear engineering Richard Hammond gives a Ford Transit the power of invisibility.

Taken from Top Gear: 50 Years of Bond Cars

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Clever. :)
ThexDGuy FTW
Imagine top gear with the U.S.A military budget xd
crikey it's the rozzers!
Blue Foxy
What if we re-created this with the better tech that we have now then what he had about a decade ago, more or less.
99% Yin Productions
now no one can steal your car
mechain the suffered
How did the car disappear???
It works, but you need better screens.,
Better cameras and their placement
PL-01 Polish MBT
King Julian
How to Create An Invisible Car -
Take any car.
Put it on Top Gear without Hammond, May and Clarkson.
Nobody will see it.
Those are some good 4k screen screens
M.Fauzi Jamali
🚓🤔😁 #2024🎉🎊🎆🎇📸🎥📲💻🏁 👏👍
Wait what car are you talking about? Was there any car?
Auto 247
It s not invisible
nazzeem _
This video is pointless its just hammond floating everywhere
Coreone 9
If you use it on a plane then it work
That was some nice nature, but where is the car?
P articularly
E nigmatic
N ew
I nvisibility
S ystem
How to get rear ended 101
CohenFlowin _
Why spend so much when you could’ve painted it camo,I still can’t see those damn military vehicle
Smirking squid
Anyone notice how the background music sounds exactly like the goldeneye beginning scene music
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Tank vs Rangie challenge pt 1 | Top Gear How To Create An Invisible Car | 50 Years of Bond 7 months ago   05:05

Part 1 of 2. Jeremy Clarkson takes on a car review challenge as he test drives the Range Rover Sport, then tests it against Challenger Tanks on Salisbury Plain. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

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