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euronews (in English) With elections under way in Russia, the many millions of people living in poverty will be left wondering if the results on the day, will even make a difference.

The opposition parties have voiced concerns over unbalanced media coverage and vote rigging, as the public become ever more apathetic towards politician's empty promises.

In the city of Kurgan, doctors and nurses went on strike, taking to the streets in protest at the cuts in their salaries of 30 percent.

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Bogdan Ungureanu
Love that accent XD
самый бедный город в россии

Lol I used translate because I don’t know Russian
Squanchy FapFap
yeah this is what we're up against...I'think that is a win for us!
2 bros
I want to marry a poor village Russian girl,,,,,,,can I???
T series india
I am happy
From India
$569 monthly
Security guards
Ella Sterling
White privilege. They should be happy with what they have.
She's only 40 years old?!?!? Dear God... She looks like she could be in her late fifties/early sixties at least. That must be a hard life the Russkies are livin' over there. Yikes!
Argad Argad
White ppl cry when they see poor white south africans, but they never shed a crocodile tears when they see poor white russians
Xin Chow
Archana Jn
So painful..... what is the govt doing
I live in Russia myself. I see for myself the quality of houses. and their qualities. very bad. life is impossible. hot in summer and cold in winter. salary. as the authorities tell us, the average salary is$600. but this salary is not everywhere. we have in the Chelyabinsk region. in the city of Satka. average salary. $ 150 the air is very dirty. the drunk population. drink beer alcohol. it's not fiction that's true. I live in Russia myself. I want to move to the USA. but I can't, because my salary doesn't allow it. let somebody will write me and want to talk to me on this subject
Naveen Kumar
1)Russia is a country with full of natural sources such as Petrolium,Oil,Coal.
2)But their population is very low. Country's vast, huge geographic area is requiring human resources, man power on large scale.
3)To eradicate the poverty from country the should invite workforce from their friendly countries.
Nidhi Krishnamurthy
A babushka at the age of 40 years? or may be she is referring to other children as her grand-children
ronel venturina
Cyka blyat
Average Joe78
Putin lives like a king while Russian citizens beg for bread
Cause of Russia's economic deterioration is coward USA and it's Allies. These coward NATO countries used "divide and rule" policy perfectly.

They disintegrated Soviet Union but what they are doing by setting up military bases all around the world? Don't you think that they are forming they're own Soviet Union like unity?

: all countries should remember that USA don't want to befriend with you, it want to use you for it's own benefit. So think wisely before trusting.
Eazy Street
Its like in the USA the rich are have all the real power and the poor are given hate and fear to keep them fighting each other.
Shaneyalam Khan
The government of Every country want to show their best image. But the reality is, the poverty is every where. I am an Indian, and unemployment is the biggest problem here. It is very difficult to find a job or work here. Because the people are very selfish and the system is very bad.
russia = anus of the planet. scum of the world mixed together in one place.
anas barana mumbaikar
what I'm Indian boy video I'm see I'm request Russian government this poor all man
and woman help
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Moscow's Super Rich - Russia Russia: poverty breeds election 1 day ago   03:13

During the Soviet era, Red Square was famous for its lavish displays of military hardware. Today Red Square has turned on its Communist past and fully embraced Capitalism. It seems that if you have got it in Russia, you flaunt it.

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