The Godfather Part 2 Michael Vs the Cunning The Godfather 2 Michael and Roth in Havana 2 days ago   04:34

Hyman Roth played by Great late actor- Lee strausberg

He was the father of method acting,he had an acting school he taught All.
Hyman Roth (Lee Strausberg) was one of Al Pacino's teachers back in an acting school where Pacino studied when he was first starting, learning to become a great actor. This classic scene is actually, formally, a teacher and his student .
They say that Ruth is taken after the Great Mafia Boss Meyer Lansky who was Smarter and tougher the most of the Italian Bosses. I think that Moe Greene -His friend who was killed by Michaels people- Is taken after Meyer Lansky's great friend Bugsy Siegel- Who was a tough kid-They grew up together Bugsy was a killer and the one who had the Vision of Building Las Vegas.

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John Hall
I only wish Hortler was as bad as everyone said he was.
Nuril Ahmed
I did personally feel the murder of Moe Greene was rather unnecessary
Threalis Maradona
Moe Green was an arrogant prick he got what he deserved
Mo Ana
I am going to have my father knock your block off !

Is Richard Bare Nards a gay guy or not ..???

The one in jmr store ..?? Who married Laura ...!!

Is he or not ..???

I don’t care ... good bye ..!!!
Mo Ana
Get them God .... as your Queen ... I give the order !
Wouldn’t that make you nervous-acting with your old acting teacher?
Death Rager
''you're pulling out?''
'' whattayou askin him for? he never had the makings of a varsity athlete''
Jay Elliott
These guys literally had to think they were these individuals to act it out this damn good.
Leon Morgan
a crafty bastard
Aaron Bryant
Why did Roth's wife call Mike "Mr. Paul"?
Buggsy Love
Cubans in Miami......4million condo
Buggsy Love
Buggsy Love
Buggsy Love
The Jew......
Paraguay Mike
Do you know who I am? Im Moe Green.
Kelly L.
Francis Ford Coppola found the best actors.
Travels & Chases
Moe Green never had the makings of a varsity athlete
The Saint
So I'm asking chu, meng, who's the cockaroach dat killed Frank Pentalgeli, huh? Was it chu, meng?
Uncle Junior was very quiet during this scene.
Andrew M
Crafty Jews
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The Godfather 2 Michael and Roth in Havana The Godfather Part 2 Michael Vs the Cunning 2 days ago   05:52

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