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The Godfather Part 2 Michael Vs The Cunning | Trying Not To Be Careless - At Up-Tube.com

The Godfather Part 2 Michael Vs the Cunning Trying not to be careless 2 days ago   04:34

Hyman Roth played by Great late actor- Lee strausberg

He was the father of method acting,he had an acting school he taught All.
Hyman Roth (Lee Strausberg) was one of Al Pacino's teachers back in an acting school where Pacino studied when he was first starting, learning to become a great actor. This classic scene is actually, formally, a teacher and his student .
They say that Ruth is taken after the Great Mafia Boss Meyer Lansky who was Smarter and tougher the most of the Italian Bosses. I think that Moe Greene -His friend who was killed by Michaels people- Is taken after Meyer Lansky's great friend Bugsy Siegel- Who was a tough kid-They grew up together Bugsy was a killer and the one who had the Vision of Building Las Vegas.

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bugys built that town we know the order
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Did Hyman's wife call Michael "Mr. Paul"?
Uncle Jun !
Isn't the actor who portrayed Roth the same actor who portrayed Meyer Lansky in the film "Bugsy"? They sound identical.
Randall Traverse
The cunning Hyman Roth
Paul Solenick
Hyman Roth; hypochondriac of the highest order... just like my grandmother.
David Pierson
I told my gal this scene and she nailed it, when Roth says, I let it go and she interrupted my story and said, but he didn't though... and it opened my eyes and I said you're right, he didn't let it go...
Michael Wall
Just looked up Meyer Lansky and found this tidbit. When Bugsy Siegel was killed by the mob for mismanaging their money on the Flamingo Casino, Moe Sedway and Gus Greenbaum came in immediately to take over the casino. Wonder where Mario Puzo came up with the name "Moe Green"
Roth laid it all out. "I know you had Moe killed. Now you know I had Frankie killed. But we still need to work together and make this deal happen."
"You don't put a bullet in the eye of a man like Moe Greene like that !"

Prashant Barua
I immediately grew immense respect for Moe Green after this scene.
"Someone... put a bullet through his shinebox."
Oh crap - wrong gangsters.
And thennn Castro nationalized all the casinos along with any other assets.
Andy Gonzalez
The teacher (Lee Strasberg) showing the student (Al Pacino) how the fuck acting is done. Brilliant.
Matthew Besson
Look at Roth at 1:28. He looks at Michael with daggers as if to say "You got some kind of balls coming in here and talking sh*t when you killed my friend." A master. F**k Michael was a P.O.S.
michael is shown to be so cunning that he does not part with $2 million . but in GF3 he naively pays $600million all his life savings to purchase immobiliare, the construction company and loses all money , daughter , and is forced to come back through vincent into the mafia business . he dies alone in sicily in the compound where apollonia is killed . he is united with her in death .
Fuck Fredo and Fuck Roth that dirty rat.
g h
I would have ate his liver whit some laver beans and a nice chianti
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Trying not to be careless The Godfather Part 2 Michael Vs the Cunning 2 days ago   03:38

My favorite Godfather line.