Unsolved: South Carolina’s Amber Home surveillance camera captures 4 months ago   11:40

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Amber Berbiglia’s family hopes the public can help bring them justice and closure in the unsolved Myrtle Beach, South Carolina case.

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vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten
Did they find traces of drugs in her body? Is it possible that she'd used up her stash and was going to refill it but got murdered by dealers?
Grandma Jizz
Knowing Amber personally from middle school to high school was an absolute honor. She was always the light in the classroom and in the halls. We miss you Queen! 😞❤️
Some killing country. Everybody killing people in the US
Queen of Scorpio
Amber sounds a bit High when she's talking. 🤔 She may have been on Drugs.
Katie Johnson
Did they do a toxicology report on her after her death? Her voicemails sounds like she’s impaired. If she had addiction issues that could be a whole other avenue for the police to start exploring.
Warwick Davis
Seems like a hoe nah mean
Who announces that they're getting married or got engaged on an answering machine? Idk? This is just a mystery to me 🤔 I'm used to hearing people talk like that so that's not what's bugging me. It's the whole family dynamics.
Ebony Adams
She def sounded high as a kite on them voicemails . Chipper off a high . She brought drugs and allowed them in her car . They killed her. Don’t know what went wrong .
Rockin Robin
Sounds like a drug deal gone wrong
The mom at the end broke my heart.
Carrie E.
Poor thing...she does sound a little off during her voice recordings. Drugs don't always make someone a bad person, in the slightest, but it seems likely she might've been into some things her family didn't know about.
Samantha Sweets
She has no shirt on???? WTF
Nonny Vundhla
In some pictures looks like Kate Middleton
Zulu Immortal
My feel is she was getting married.. probably broke off a relationship with someone who didn't want it to end
Jesse Hickman
Damn! Chris Hanson always sounds drunk.
Tmzeena G
She always sounds drunk
black people do so much harm
her sister looks like maggie gyllenhaal
The Godfather
Pretty crazy to think that the killer is probably reading these comments.
my feeling is a jealous stalker did this maybe she never even met the stalker u dont know people becareful
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Home surveillance camera captures Unsolved: South Carolina’s Amber 4 months ago   20:43

With 15 years left to serve in prison, Rebekah Mellon agrees to talk about the fateful night in Phoenix.

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