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Oliver Tree's Life Story | I Found A Juul Underwater In The River - At Up-Tube.com

Oliver Tree's Life Story I Found a JUUL Underwater in the River 10 months ago   01:46

Oliver Tree

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Kiefer Kirby
Why is he putting one dollar bills In his bate tub
Angad Seeagra
I fucking hate this chap and the way he looks is ugly
Cultured Butterflies
*"I Haven't Seen Sparks Like That Since Prom Night"*
gave me slight trevor wallace vibes
*Sobs in French Politics*
All of the youtubers are here.
*This Is A Meme*
Shelby E
Tobasko Sweet blessed him w that sick scooter chain
Expand Dong
love this man! no homo.
dude b
His last name isn’t actually tree but whatever
Kenneth Weis
He's like Jim Carrey and someone else
Kenneth Weis
24 mpg something is wrong
this comment section is infested with YouTubers
Mak 14
Bruh I love Oliver tree
Where does he inherit being adorable from
Retro Plus
Give me that hair
how did he actually come up ? i cant find it, his first song was like best song how is that possible ?
Aiden Jones
He should get a movie like Fred did except it’s gonna be way better
*Will left the god damn chat*
Sour LapeFTWツ
0:04 he looks like the dude who says “JUST GONNA SENT IT”
yeetus yeetus il delete your fetus
*S C O O T S C O O T*
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I Found a JUUL Underwater in the River Oliver Tree's Life Story 10 months ago   15:01

In this video I search the river for lost valuables and I also pick up the trash I see along the way!
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I Found a JUUL Underwater in the River While Scuba Diving! (Underwater Finds) https://up-tube.com/upvideo/-D2McGyzD00