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How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain --

The NBA's happiness crisis --

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steve jobs
The money just pays for one more day at the motel and then I start over but if I can build a company through this creative process then maybe there is a light at the end of this dark long tunnel i been trapped in
steve jobs
I do it for free I do it to fill the empty feeling in my self
steve jobs
I never do anything for money
steve jobs
I want to do concling now and things that help me and that’s why I vlog it’s not for money
steve jobs
And I’m so confused about being an adult because I been such a loner I don’t understand how to act around people
Abhishek Sharma
Deleting my youtube also from phone
Any video i want to watch will do it on laptop
steve jobs
I never took advantage of people people would use me up and throw me out when they didn’t need me anymore and I worked so hard and helped so many people build nice homes and never build any home for my self
James Miller
Guy dresses like a teenage kid and acts like one too.Give up the skate board and grow up.
steve jobs
All I ever did was be a good person and do good things for people and was hated and discriminated against
steve jobs
And when I tried making friends in LA everyone was evil
steve jobs
I used to say your not lonely if you like the person your alone with but that’s a lie
steve jobs
I never had a normal life I never had a home or a family. Since very young age I always felt alone and was even homeless in 7th grade until now so I never had a real girl friend or job or stability. And I lost track of time. And I trued so hard to do the right thing but it was Hard for me never having anything and I wish I could work harder and make videos that people will watch
steve jobs
I wish to make it on YouTube just so I can have a home and see my daughter one day when she is older and my life is not a disaster relief effort
steve jobs
I think about my daughter and that helps me stay sober and never want to do meth again it also helps me to want to make videos to be like look baby I was always here for you I made an attempt to be in your life everyday even though I couldn’t be in your life everyday
steve jobs
Wake up alone and have nightmares
steve jobs
I have nightmares now
steve jobs
I don’t talk to any one and no one knows me
steve jobs
I feel like I hear things I’m always hearing things and I don’t know if it’s real or my emaginationz
steve jobs
The dr doesn’t give me anything for anxiety so I need to go to other outlets for help
steve jobs
I use some other drugs just to take the edge off it
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