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California Management Review
Many current leaders from each of the three sectors (public, private, and nonprofit) have had meaningful cross-sector experience either through full-time employment or through service on boards / commissions or other forms of affiliation. Almost half of all leaders profiled had at least one multisector affiliation and about 15% had four or more. The benefits seem to clearly outweigh the costs. Nora Silver and Paul Jansen explore the emergence of this new form of career path, in which leaders garner rich career-accelerating experiences by virtue of part-time cross-sector affiliations in addition to traditional employment.


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“The Multisector Career Arc: The Importance of Cross-Sector Affiliations“

Nora Silver and Paul Jansen

California Management Review - Volume 60, Issue 1

We are proud to publish California Management Review's Special 60th Anniversary Issue, featuring new research on Leadership from Berkeley-Haas faculty.

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[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Nora Silver and Paul Jansen: 4 months ago   02:07

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