Beast of Special | The Daily Show Don Blankenship Takes on "Cocaine Mitch" 2 days ago   20:38

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The Daily Show looks back at the wildest recent animal news, including a tiger left in an abandoned house, a dog that can do CPR and a pair of gay lions.

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John Yepthomi
"The guilt will drive you to the pole" was hilarious...
John Yepthomi
I love Australian Trevor. Damn... Need more.
Mark Williams
he got a shell.. You have got to be kidding me. Hell nah!
Ghost Mama
🐈 Lappin Jameson out of a saucer at the local bar 😂😂 showing his butthole and walking away 😂😂 false oaths 😂😂sounds like all the men I've ever known.
Marco Austin
The USA has dolphins in the military too.
Mbongeni Dakamela
"that's our Malcolm X"😂😂😂😂😂
Angela Draper
18:34 Did you notice the rainbow?
Bennie St. Clair
why is he so good at an australian accent lmao
Amanda Hertel
Feline Leukemia isn't cancer actually...
McConnell should have a sign round his neck saying "..not in favor of Democracy." Actually he's a tyrant. How does this happen that something like McConnell can be allowed to deny whatever he chooses to be be discussed? Bizarre. Republicans are simply fundamentally dishonest.
Uhhmmm the Murderer Bird is actually quite dangerous. I have lived where these birds originate from and these Cassowary are actually quite proficient at killing people. These birds have claws that are 5 inches long and they use them to attack enemies.
Sharon Steele
Its time for turtle soup, and make it snappy
Some o
Anastasia Tucker
I LOVE Trevor Noah your so hilarious.
Chickens in cages everywhee: 'Yo, that's our Malcom X' :D :D :D
Could you adjust the volume right? One is too loud, another is too quiet? The daily show is like Last Week Tonight with a cheap-rip off graphic and behind the scene people.
First Name, Surname
I can’t he didn’t believe he didn’t talk about India claiming that Pakistan sent a spy pigeon in them
Yapah Yasharahla
The red man calling a deer in its natural habitat a bug. You steal the land and 99 percent of the canopy’s (environment)!!You r the Devil the Bible speaks of. SMH WOW
Who's fucking idea was it to let people bring cassowaries to Florida? They're gonna be the next bermese python, but more evisceratey
Артур Якубенко
“Something strange has happened in Florida” 😂 😂 😂
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Don Blankenship Takes on "Cocaine Mitch" Beast of Special | The Daily Show 2 days ago   06:34

Republican Senate candidate Don Blankenship loses a closely watched primary race in West Virginia after running a bizarre, racially charged campaign.

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