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Billie Eilish - The Official Story - Told By Her | Vevo LIFT

"Sometimes I see videos of myself from even a year ago, and I don't even recognize that version of myself." Forget pigeonholing Billie Eilish. She zigs while you zag, forcing a periodic reassessment of your take on her. And know what? That’s the sign of a true artist, someone whose curiosity is in lock-step with their creativity. "I want to evolve," she explains in our exclusive LIFT interview. "I want to create new parts of myself, shed them and then create something new." It’s a long way from the heart-on-sleeve delicacy of "Ocean Eyes" to the eerie rumble of "you should see me in a crown," so here's a heads up: Billie's always on the move; the LA teen has steadily widened her sound in the last two years. When her name first bubbled up in 2016, her music had both an ethereal vibe and a wisdom that belied her years. That's when we began falling for her, and shot our Vevo Meets profile. After hearing her the depth of her 'don't smile at me' debut, we invited Billie to become one of our DSCVR artists, and the riveting take of "my boy" she made in Brooklyn last fall remains a must-see. Now she's turned another corner. The dreamy aura she brought to her recent duet with Khalid on "Lovely" was stunning, and the swag and authority that define her new LIFT performances serves the music well. In the last few weeks, we've delivered performances of "you should see me in a crown" and "bitches broken hearts." Now check out our intimate profile, where Billie is wonderfully candid about herself. "I'm not a person who gets scared easily, but there are a lot things that are fuckin' terrifying about where I'm at right now."

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Maddy Barlow
"Fame is irelevant" PREACH IT SISTER
vicky hlis
you got a new fan.well done and things you said opened my eyes. go tell the world what music is really about! love your style btw🤟🏾🙂🙂🤜
Nyree M.
At 2:38 Billie is cooking money. Like what my mom would be like Why are you wasting money? Stop!!!!!
Antoine Polykandriotis
Mad respect for what she said, all facts🔥🙏🏽
Catherine Hessling
はい 好き。
TaylorMade BeautyX
Love her so much !!!!
Fercheo Ortega
2:21 fuck, if that money is real... shit!!!
She's an old soul ...wise beyond her years and incredibly gifted and talented...I can't believe she's only 17...I can't get enough of her music!!'
Daeshanel Allen
Well said Billie......well said...
GMan Baz
Who’s watching this on the toilet?
Bryanna Danielle
I feel like she understands me!! I love her so much!!!!!!
A fellow YT user
While I was watching this.. a feeling came over me. Like her voice... was someone else I had recognized.... it was so weird.
Renee Glock
the secret to fame is
stay away from it
do not let it pull u in
eat with the kitchen help
do not let money control you
you control your money
get a farm house for a retreat
do not go on the road a lot
stay at your farm house with family and friends and animals
do not stay on the road for long..........
a lot less interviews.........
stay true to you
not the planet of humans
Meme Nation
You also inspire me, I now realized that I don't care what people say, I will continue to be a Dj
Meme Nation
Your song Six Feet Under makes me happy because it reminds me of someone my parents took away from me that I loved, I'm not happy they took me away from him, happy because it makes me remember the good times
valerie short
I wanna be famous to pay bills and give my mom a normal standard house she deserves. Shes almost 40 still struggling. Cant write my life stories on here but if I was famous I'd do it to get by not to get expensive and stupid shit. Have a makeup line and be stable
Rainy Day
Bite my tounge bite my time wearing a warning sign like if you sang that too
Peaceful Painting
When she says she just wants to make people feel with her art. Shes fucking succeeded BIG time for me. I love it. So dark, scary, different, unique and just plain weird. And that's what I love. All these pop stars singing about love, sex, booze and money. Fuck off....we get it. But to have a 17 year old write a song about murdering her friends and some illuminatii shit (that everyone seems to be afraid to portray in their art) this is pure art. This is pure creativity. And believe it or not her creepy ass songs are in my relax play lists 😂 I hope she never looses her creativeness as many artists do because this is what makes her special. I also hope she works with Melanie Martinez because she's made a creepy album too about postnatal depression and wanting to kill her baby and living in a perfect dollhouse but not when you close the curtains. 😂
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