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Billie Eilish - The Official Story - Told By Her | Vevo LIFT

"Sometimes I see videos of myself from even a year ago, and I don't even recognize that version of myself." Forget pigeonholing Billie Eilish. She zigs while you zag, forcing a periodic reassessment of your take on her. And know what? That’s the sign of a true artist, someone whose curiosity is in lock-step with their creativity. "I want to evolve," she explains in our exclusive LIFT interview. "I want to create new parts of myself, shed them and then create something new." It’s a long way from the heart-on-sleeve delicacy of "Ocean Eyes" to the eerie rumble of "you should see me in a crown," so here's a heads up: Billie's always on the move; the LA teen has steadily widened her sound in the last two years. When her name first bubbled up in 2016, her music had both an ethereal vibe and a wisdom that belied her years. That's when we began falling for her, and shot our Vevo Meets profile. After hearing her the depth of her 'don't smile at me' debut, we invited Billie to become one of our DSCVR artists, and the riveting take of "my boy" she made in Brooklyn last fall remains a must-see. Now she's turned another corner. The dreamy aura she brought to her recent duet with Khalid on "Lovely" was stunning, and the swag and authority that define her new LIFT performances serves the music well. In the last few weeks, we've delivered performances of "you should see me in a crown" and "bitches broken hearts." Now check out our intimate profile, where Billie is wonderfully candid about herself. "I'm not a person who gets scared easily, but there are a lot things that are fuckin' terrifying about where I'm at right now."

Executive Producers: Micah Bickham & JP Evangelista

Director: Ryan Booth
Director of Photography: Natalie Kingston
Editor: Kevin Rose

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Billie Eilish

Please also include: Creative Director: Micah Bickham DP: Natalie Kingston Producers: Maura Scully & Hailey Rovner

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Gacha Taehyun
Layla T. Stapelberg
This was such a good video Billie thanks for being who you are and creating music that can make me feel things and help my emotions come out I love your music so much and you are so inspiring and such a talented and stunning artist. Thanks.❤
Jadzia van Prehn
She’s so damn right, your message is so beautiful. You go girl!
Stephanie XYZ
"i just dont wanna be protected from failing, because... I don't give a fck messing up.👏👏👏
Camille Moore
Amazingly said Billie!! Wise beyond your years. Don’t let that nasty music industry pull away who’BILLIE” is girl
DayDreaming Whispers ASMR
Can she and Bhad Babie link up??????
Molly Roxy
If I had one wish I would make Billie the happiest person alive.
Panda 1818
I‘m not perfect
Well thats wrong ❤️❤️
Dina Ramadani
The fact that i feel like crying after seeing this but i cant is torture bc it reminds me of myself so much...i am crushed over and over again of people around me and of things a 15 yrs old shouldnt have never been through in her life and being born in the most fucked up familly....i want to die so bad bc i cant take it anymore i feel so empty ever since i was 4 yrs old bc of the things people have done to me and they still do💔💔
She has such a beautiful mind. Her way of thinking is amazing. This is why I love her.
Emilia Ramirez
Love it !!
Just love it!
ash gomez
Nia Enriquez
Her voice man
Kylie R
I love that she is so chill about every thing
Noah Rylan
the pure ART
Brooklyn Barrett
I love her so much.
Gaybe Gay
Is it true you sold your soul to the devil
Mathi 24
laith echtay
What's the first song?
Marie orEliza
Look at my money and eat ass!! Skskskskksksk
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