Magician Daniel Fernandez Gets The Amazing iPad Magician 2 days ago   03:23

Magician Daniel Fernandez stops by TODAY with card tricks that stun Hoda Kotb and Matt Lauer. Watch him predict Matt’s card and pull off a drawing illusion with Hoda.
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Magician Daniel Fernandez Gets Into Hoda And Matt’s Minds During Card Tricks | TODAY

Comments 24 Comments

Matt L
Dude he's such a light and people around him kind of just dull out lol
mightyjoe jiujitsu
congratulations 🖒🤓amazing as always..
Savage Bro!
Matt’s not there.
This was great Danny!
Carlos Guerra
Proud of Daniel. Venezuela loves you bro
4 of spades! OMG!
Monkey D. Luffy
Love you Daniel!
Narine Nadzharyan
So proud of you Daniel! 👍❤👍
I'm so proud of him. Congrats Danny.
He is too good looking -which benefits him while doing his illusions, as you end up focusing MORE on him than what he is doing :-) :-)
Vegito_ Blue
I'm here too early, brb
Daniel Fernandez
Such an honor to be on the show! Thanks to the wonderful Hoda and Matt you guys made this incredible. Also, where my notification squad at?
Maartje van de Kerkhof
Congrats Daniel. Your very talented.
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The Amazing iPad Magician Magician Daniel Fernandez Gets 2 days ago   04:30

Simon Pierro brought a magic iPad with him and wowed Ellen's audience right along with Ellen!