Chris Brown - No Guidance (Official Chris Brown - No Guidance (Audio) 4 weeks ago   09:07

“No Guidance" ft. Drake out now!

'Indigo' out now!:

Director: Chris Robinson
Executive Producer: Andrew Listermann
Production Company: Riveting Entertainment
Producer: Kevin Boston
Creative Director: LCR$
Miami Production: Sway Mendez & Blakpro
Director of Photography: Joshua Reis
Choreographer: Josh Smith
Editor: Jeff Selis @ Bonch
1st AD: Ev Salomon
Colorist: Dave Hussey @ Company 3
Casting Director: E-Mills
Art Director: Luis Roman
Location Manager: Roger Stone
Miami Production Manager: Jermaine Anglin
LA Production Manager: Erica Nagai
Beauty FX: Max Colt @ Frender
Online Editor: Michael Hull @ Riveting
Audio Mixer / Sound Design: Tony Crowe
Video Commissioner: Nicholas Robespierre

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Liyahh’s life 2x
This was so fye😭💛this mii song
Pure demented insanity I can't take it anymore
This hits almost as hard as Chris does Rhianna
rebeka Daniela
bro I love this song I love Chris Brown
Emmy Covers
*I did an acoustic cover of this song if anyone wants to peep it:)* It's a lil different but I love Chris and wanted to pay tribute :)
Living Royalty
herb drop
Everyone is talking about the dance moves, who's the girl at 7:46 to the right of drake 🤪
Ahmed Ali
Can sme one write for me wht is the little boy saying?
Adeciana Alves
Darrien Carlos
This song bad I like it to much😎💃👍👍
Lolita Blaszkowski
Chris Brown
Lolita Blaszkowski
l just love it
Kely Ticiane
Sebastián Arancibia
hijo de la perra, ojalá te saquen la mierda
Paris France
Miami is gorgeous ! Representing South Florida baby ! 💕💕💕💕💕
bypablo 81
"You the type to instagram a girl that you cuter in person"
I feel attacked
Mr Fonseca
Props to that lil kid
Drake: OOOoOoOOOo I was dead 😂
I phone users don’t u hate when u get to adds at a time like tf 🤦🏽‍♂️
Patricio Castillo
Imari Porter
I live cris he cute right
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Chris Brown - No Guidance (Audio) Chris Brown - No Guidance (Official 4 weeks ago   07:41