Does the Amazfit Bip Smartwatch Fall the VERY BEST SMARTWATCH... 1 day ago   05:40

I had a few people tweet me about a smartwatch screen that was falling off. So I decided to buy an Amazefit Bip for myself and look into it: The Amazefit Bip has some pretty impressive specs, but that doesnt matter much if the smartwatch is falling apart on its own. Its supposed to be able to withstand some basic abuse.

Lets see if the Amazefit bip can withstand one of my teardowns. The quality of the Amazefit bip is in question, and we can find out how this fitness tracker is put together with a teardown.

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pradeep neupane
Hello J. Rig, Why I can't get viber and messenger call notifications from Amazfit Bip? I've iPhone 7plus iOS 12.
Please assist.
To be honest, I like screens that do not have strong adhesive, if an adhesive is too strong, it will be impossible to repair the object without breaking it. (I'm totally okay with screens that have no adhesive, as long as they have a method of keeping the sceen in place.)
Mateo TV
all i can say is that its a apple watch and a fitbit versa combined.
Elizabeth Vaux
Thumbs down for the slur against Romani people @ 3:12. First video I've ever disliked from this channel :(
Omar Zowila
The amazfit watch looks like an Apple Watch
I'm wearing one right now.
The Average Gamer
I freaking love this man!!!
Iqbal Fadhil
how you guys use the watch until the screen pops off? mine still pretty well condition after a year i buy this watch
Алексей Петров
Huawei watch 2
Tamil Technical world
Why do you make it scratch..give me a watch ..iam a poor
Edi Utomo Putra
0:59 is your screen burn in because of keyboard? 😅
Jay R SG
@3:10 nice pair of words chosen.
alan adams
It would be super cool if you took apart the oura smart ring I love mine and have always wondered what was inside the damn thing haha love the show keep it up!!
Levi Mavis
Just want to say u can't get a refurbished apple watch series 1 for 80 dollars
Air Supply
Miłosz Gorzula
Got mine in July 2018 r. No screen issues and battery lasts 45-55 days.
i have it for a year now and nothing happened.. now i’m scared 😂
jamie po
3:10 but hes not a rapper
Kamran Memmedli
Only old people would buy this watch. and it is 80$ omg... i remember pebble was the king once and it had all the features...just money grab amazfit
Could you do a review and a tear down of the Galaxy watch?
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the VERY BEST SMARTWATCH... Does the Amazfit Bip Smartwatch Fall 1 day ago   13:00

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