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The Real Story Behind Hbo's | The Pyramid Scheme That Collapsed - At Up-Tube.com

The real story behind HBO's The Pyramid Scheme that Collapsed 2 days ago   03:29

Fox Business
She was the first journalist to interview Ponzi scheme mastermind Bernie Madoff from prison, now her book, "The Wizard of Lies" is being adapted to film by HBO.

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Anna Warner
the ultimate scam is Bernie claim that he was the only one who was defrauding others. But God penalized his family - one son committed suicide the other died of cancer. Bernie is in Club Fed enjoying his rounds of golf and watching TV. He has government sponsored vacations at the expense of us taxpayers.
OH Yeh!
Ever notice Robert Denero is good at these types of characters ? It’s because he’s not acting - he’s a real ass-h-le lol he’s not acting , just memorizing lines
So what did he do exactly?
Dinero is a piece of Shit.
Adrienne Berkman
i love bob deniro
Carmel Apple Blossom
this movie tries to make madoffs sons look innocent they were in on the fraud scheme. they changed account numbers falsified earnings documents to keep the scheme going. they spent millions going to South of France exotic trips fancy spending sprees randomly for hundreds of thousands. Ruth was known for spending $150,000 a day for 10 days straight for Christmas shopping with the stolen money
What a miserable life. She wasn't even the creator of this scheme yet she lost everything, one son dead from suicide, the other dead from cancer, her husband in prison and her upper class lifestyle gone, rags to riches. Look at her, a thin, wasted old hag. This vid is disgusting. What exactly is "MIND BOGGLING" about a person in her state who doesn't want to be chased down, hunted for the rest of her miserable life? Does the moron filming here think he is the only media hound running after her? Think about how much this woman must be tormented by the press! The guy chasing her is lucky she had enough self-control to not punch him straight in the face. Also, people (usually friends, family and anyone involved in a legal case) are always told to remain quiet, to avoid speaking to the press and so on. Does the guy chasing her down not understand how the law works? Seems like there's plenty of greed going around. This guy is trying to get attention and, from there, earn money by chasing down the old haggard wife of a greedy bastard who ruined lives. Ironic.
micky bang-bang
he ripped of a bunch of greedy Jews so what ?
The Darci 13
I watched this one and also the one that Richard Dreyfus starred in. Both were very good but I have to admit I think the one with Robert DiNero is in is the better one.
You're the man now Dog
"...Bob's portrayal was almost supernatural" -- That's exactly what it was.
So did his sons fake their deaths?
Stefan Alexander
Social security is a ponzi scheme
Nancy Sanders
Well,that's sad,he Is entitled to his position,as every one else in the country.CHARLATAN Trump does NOT give one iota of caring4 this country.His primary goal is to advantage of American Tax Payers,Again,as he's been doing4 decades! How Come he Stll has Not released his Tax Returns to the Public? He said he would,another Lie,among multiple lies.Like running water out of a faucet!!
Sit O'Spell
No need to watch this. DiNero is boycotted by many for his arrogant stance during election.
Those fact that Robert DeNaro is in it, I will not watch it!!!
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The Pyramid Scheme that Collapsed The real story behind HBO's 2 days ago   03:31

Watching people get sucked into a pyramid scheme is one of the most frustrating parts of long-term friendships.

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