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Cars, Costs and Technology
I think that we can all agree that the 2020 C8 mid-engine Corvette official unveiling is just around the corner, but there are still so many questions to be answered about its capabilities and pricing. In this video we'll be looking at some leaked information and spy photos that could tell us important information about how much this car will cost. Enjoy the video!

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C8 Driving Footage

CAD Images




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Cars, Costs and Technology
Here's a higher resolution image comparing the C8 and C7 ZR1 rotors 👍 https://goo.gl/W3iVxV

There's definitely a noticeable difference in size and material! Has anyone found any pictures of a C8 with larger Carbon Ceramic rotors?

More C8 Corvette news from last week here:

Thanks for watching!
- ManillaZilla
Surprisingly only under 60k
David Jacobs
that transmission looks exactly like the one that is used in Porsche 918 Spyder.
kevin g
$120,000 is too steep
Chris A
I've heard $70k entry level.
nicolas jacobs
Looks like an NSX
Well I went to the Dealership and they said 150k for the 2020 Vette. They are saying 130k for ZR1. They have seen maybe 10 ZR1's since they came out. They have Zo6's on sale for 60's and 70's.
Brian Kemerait
The one they are testing is the HALO due to the reported sub 7:00 times on par with the 7:01 of the last ACR. This is a great plan introduce the Zora as a game changer and instead of releasing the race cars later. Use the Zora as the bait until they can make enough of these to create the base C8. No chance they could deliver that volume in a year. Plus this is a new platform and they will want to iron out the faults so the base is even more of a steal and get the production prices down. I might get one in 2035 but I love to see the mid engine haters. The Legend Lives!
Jesse Mitchell
Put Lamborghini doors factory !!!!!!!!!
My money is on TT V6 with the CT6-V awd system, 10 speed auto. maybe it will get the V's TT V8 but deff AWD
505 Strat
Pretty simple, either this new middy will have to start around $60K and be the new C8, or it will be called something else and cost well over $100K. No way a base Corvette can jump from $52K to >$100K in one model year. The Corvette will not follow the Viper into extinction. I predict GM will pull of a miracle with the radical new design and keep it near $60K. I'm going to hold off buying anything until I at least see what this is and will cost. I'm not too sad keeping my C7 for a while longer. But I can't even image how many bugs will shake out in the first production year of the new design. It might set a recall record.
Tom Johnson
Even a base C7 Stingray is beyond the average car buyer (not limiting to average Corvette buyer), so the C8 would have to be closer to the C7 price point. But Chevy hasn't been inclined to fix it. Seems like the new generation is a hot seller for about a year and a half. By then all the people who can afford it have bought one, the rest of us average buyers are snapping up the trade-ins, and Chevy is complaining about sales and the lack of newer or younger buyers. Of course I'm older and remember when 25-30K would get a well equipped full-sized family car and trucks didn't cost 40K!
Trace 23
I think it makes sense to start a new vehicle with some proven technology while you work out the kinks with the new tech (transaxle for instance) that only real world driving will show. And why wouldn't they start with a Base Model and then slowly upgrade to better and better models over a few years while probably phasing out the front engine design altogether
Ki Taylor
Daniel Rose
GM has to compete with the $200,000 Tesla Roadster, 0 to 60 1.9 sec and it has 4 seats. Wow, a bargain. The Tesla will eat ANY corvette for lunch. GM will have to price their car less, even the tippy top models.
kevin fay
The things that scare me are the maintanice and cost to own one of these cars like some of the other rear engine cars on the market today
It's even fuglier than the current Stingray!
Captain 345
The mid engine design will be cheaper to manufacture.
Walter J. C
Regarding price, I think mid 80s. At least I hope so. Great video.
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