1997 Miller 400 2000 NAPA 500 - 1/2 6 months ago   2:11:26

ernie irvan's unthinkable comeback from a near-fatal crash comes full-circle with a win at the venue that nearly claimed his life. irvan's triumph in this june '97 michigan 400 turned out to be his last as a winston cup racer.

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Jonathan Guevarra
On June 30, 1997, Ernie Irvan completed his comeback by winning the 1997 Miller 400. This race was broadcasted by GMA Network, with a simulcast on CityNet 27, DZBB 594 Radyo Bisig Bayan, and Campus Radio 97.1 WLS FM
Anthony Rausch
Ernie Irvan is another one of those legends along with Mark Martin, Ricky Rudd, Kyle Petty, Harry Gant, Tim Richmond, and Davey Allison that should of won at least one chamionship in there NASCAR career but Earnhardt, Gordon, and God had other plans..
Tre' Cooledge
This is the same weekend Earnhardt and Gordon raced down into turn 3 in practice, any Gordon was on the inside and Dale drove it hard into turn 3 on the outside of Jeff and it sucked Jeff's car around and slammed the outside wall. I have a video of that practice crash in my channel. Here's the link:

Tim Jones
Way to go Ernie
14:16 Anyone else miss those standardized stickers for the in-car cameras?
Dale Earnhardt debuted his Plus on the hood paint scheme this race which would be made famous the next year at Daytona
*O N L Y I N A M E R I C A*
good race ty
This would be Ken Squier's final race as the lap-by-lap announcer for CBS; starting with the Talladega race in October, Mike Joy would call lap-by-lap announcements for CBS and would do so until CBS' contract to broadcast NASCAR races expired after the 2000 season.
This race was Ken Squier's final time as the lap by lap announcer for CBS. Mike Joy would take over that role at the Die Hard 500 later that season. Squier would continue as host and TBS announcer for two more years. Of course he still does a few laps of the Southern 500 for NBC.
Jeremy Isley
WTH? I just realized that not only did Ernie Irvan win a race at a track that almost killed him, a few days before this race, Rick Baldwin died from his injuries he had suffered in a Michigan crash in 1986!
John Walton
Love it, Budweiser blimp at the Miller 400
Randall Dubin
This would also turn out to be Irvan's last win at Robert Yates Racing, as he would move to Nelson Bowers' team for the '98 season. 
batz capo
was there ever a race Skinner didn't wreck in?
Randall Dubin
WTF is up with the aspect ratio there? 
Mike Skinner had a similar crash to the one in this race at Darlington in 2001. He also had a hard crash in the opening laps at Chicago in 2001 as well
Jeff Rogers
When nascar didin't see fake derbris!!!
lol wow... at the 25min mark a tv commentator mentions that Dale's team adjusted the body. Today, that got Jimmi Johnson and the 48 team is big trouble. So much has changed......
way to go, Ernie!
@O5fan hahah Unless you read the video description, or know your NASCAR history at all.
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2000 NAPA 500 - 1/2 1997 Miller 400 6 months ago   1:33:42

the 2000 winston cup season finale brought about the end of an epoch in nascar racing. it marked the final broadcast for bob jenkins and his vaunted espn squad, the final start for 3-time champion darrell waltrip, the closing chapter of dale earnhardt's final season, and the swan song for countless race teams and sponsor affiliations. jerry nadeau's lone nascar victory, rung up in convincing fashion, served to punctuate the bittersweet festivities and help seal the contest's unique place in winston cup lore.