Upgrade Your Corvette Stingray Red 2018 Grand Sport vs White 1 day ago   08:24

Cars, Costs and Technology
C7 Corvette Stingray Front Grill Blackout kit by vettestripes.com


Here are a few other brands/methods to cover the chrome strip.

RPI Designs 2014-2017 C7 Stingray Corvette Grille Blackout Vinyl Overlay Kit:




Z06 Grill Swap:


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Cars, Costs and Technology
Stingray owners,
Have you done this already or planning to soon? Let me know your thoughts 👍

Also, what do you guys think of the photos from my new Sony A6000? 📷👌
Terry Bruce
To each their own...also, I find it odd that you would put truck wheels on your Corvette.
Jt Shergill
Silver break calipers look fantastic
Villain12 Zz
Decal: $25
Car wash: $20
Rubbing alcohol: $9
Corvette Stingray: $51,000
Thats $51,054 not just $25
Carlos Suarez
I highly recommend a z06 front grille for $500. It's look way nicer and sucks in more air to keep it cool! I had it installed at the dealership and it fits perfectly fine.
Charlie Castillo
Why don’t you buy a new grill for the car on eBay there’s some for under $300
Mark Zielke
Next black exhaust tips, the only part of the C7 I dislike are the four shiny trumpets sticking out of the back
BD Skro
I used black electrical tape and it worked just fine.
Sandyeggo Designs
We've got some 'must have' accessories for the C7 here:
I like the chrome strip better.
Tom Lucas
Thanks for nthe info. I have a midnight blue 2014, this would look good on it.
Huge difference haha! Love it
Click the bell ya'll!
Street Production 303
Or you can go spend $10 dollars and buy a can of black plastidip & plastidip clear coat. That's what I did with the logos and the chrome strip.
Michael S
Actually, I like the contrast on the grill of the silver bar on my '18 Stingray. But I know black is in--especially wheels, so can understand your doing it.
So much better blacked out. When I had my Stingray it always reminded me of a mouth retainer lol.
Paul Izzo
Really nice photography at the car show. Well done.
Order Black emblems and you get a black grill with no chrome !!!!
Hell ya finally! Been saying to do that since the beginning looks awsome!
Jump Start
Hey man, love the channel. I just got a 2017 Z51 1LT in red, and I'm 24 so I can definitely relate to your channel. I want to get this mod as well, looks awesome dude. I'm in Florida and I'm super jealous of those awesome roads you have to drive your vette on haha. Quick question for you man, do you get a lot of rock chips? And if so, any tips for dealing with them? I just got my car 2 weeks ago, less than 1500 miles, and it is already getting lots of chips it sucks. Keep it up, subscribed for more videos! (This motivates me to start a channel, we need more corvette content on YouTube)
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Red 2018 Grand Sport vs White Upgrade Your Corvette Stingray 1 day ago   07:05

What are the body style differences between the Grand Sport Corvette and the Z06 C7 Corvette? We will show you the slight differences.

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