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Amy Buechler And Michael Seibel On Founder | Max Rhodes Of Faire With Anu Hariharan - At Up-Tube.com

Amy Buechler and Michael Seibel on Founder Max Rhodes of Faire with Anu Hariharan 2 days ago   53:05

Y Combinator
Amy Buechler is an executive coach for startup founders.


Michael Seibel is a partner and the CEO of YC.


In this episode we talk about coaching and use examples from Michael’s time working on Justin.tv and Socialcam.

The YC podcast is hosted by Craig Cannon.




00:10 - What is coaching?

00:40 - How is coaching different from therapy?

2:00 - What are the most common challenges founders in coaching have?

2:55 - Challenges with roles and responsibilities at Twitch

7:15 - How would Amy have coached Michael around roles and responsibilities?

9:10 - Not being disruptive as a leader

11:00 - Switching roles at Twitch

12:15 - Uneven equity splits

14:30 - Distributing and negotiating equity

20:45 - Communicating your own value

22:20 - Can there be too much communication?

23:40 - Productive arguments

27:40 - Talking about performance issues

29:45 - Setting clear goals and managing motivation

32:45 - Enjoying the work

33:30 - Conversations about runway

36:20 - Digging your company out of the grave and continuing

39:50 - Michael being against coaching initially

42:00 - How to have hard conversations

43:45 - Removing a responsibility from someone

49:20 - Returning to roles and responsibilities

50:10 - Jeanie McCallister asks - What’s the single most important piece of advice you can give a founder?

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Max Rhodes of Faire with Anu Hariharan Amy Buechler and Michael Seibel on Founder 2 days ago   07:18

Max Rhodes is the cofounder and CEO of Faire. Faire helps retailers find and buy unique wholesale merchandise for their stores. They were in the Winter 2017 batch of YC.


Anu Hariharan is a Partner at YC.




00:00 - Max's intro

00:34 - Leaving Square and coming up with the idea for Faire

7:05 - Changes to SMBs in the past five years

9:05 - What is Faire?

11:25 - Max’s vision for Faire

14:40 - Finding product/market fit

17:40 - Switching to try before you buy

20:50 - What separates the great companies

22:00 - Scaling as a CEO

26:00 - Calming down

29:10 - Faire's first hires

33:10 - Faire's first executive hire

37:55 - Fundraising and fundraising advice

43:00 - Ryan McCarthy asks - Why did Max study history at Yale?

44:00 - Why does Max think Square Cash became a successful app?