Kevin's Impressions - Impersonations 20 Best IMPRESSIONS In The Past 50 Years 4 months ago   06:21

Max Stratos
Kevin Spacey's Impressions or impersonations of 8 famous people
Remastered: audio-visually enhanced, noise reduced, converted to widescreen 16:9

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The exhale at 2:53 was all he needed to do for a believable Clint Eastwood impression 😆
Johnny Whitsel
His best impression? A straight, decent man that does not molest kids
Long Drive
Miss his acting. Miss his movies.
Kevin Spacey? Oh yes, he's a fabulous actor ... But is he alive? He hadn't been burned in the last witch hunt unleashed by the usual hypocritical moralists ...?
Daniel Mickelsen
Let the man act!
rodrigo suarez
Yasser Farag
I love you Kevin.. That bastards in Hollywood tried to assisenate your soul.. But they failed..
Keep it up Kevin.. I love you.. I want to see you soon in one of your tremendous movies
Sam Souyave-Murphy
“So leave me alone, and bring me the Doritos, would you?”
That is going to be my new catchphrase.
Alain Connelly
Terrific talent. Too bad he's a weirdo.
Mag Litwor
I love Kevin. What a great actor.
Hassan H.
Hassan H.
A talent that the world has lost just because of some allegations we dont even know are true or not. #OtherFruitsOfMeToo
Talented Mr Spacey!
Lyle Newton
Such a talent. He got the last name of Spacy from Spencer Tracy fact
John P J Keating
He is still a genius.
Justin Time4action
Spacey is a great actor. Got somewhat of a raw deal.
johnny raypist
This guy is gay. Just like every other american
Payton Walden
Holy fuck, I saw someone reacted to an old comment of mine from like 2 years ago on here so I started searching for it but instead I see people saying “I love Kevin Spacey” or “Hes a victim.” What. The. Fuck. I don’t doubt the dude is a really good actor but holy shit it’s fucking obvious he’s a terrible person. Micheal Jackson was good at singing but it’s obvious he fiddled little boys and used his power to get away with it. It’s so fucking obvious but yet people want to say that since he’s not arrested it must not have happened?????? There were like 50 people who said he diddled them! 50! And like 10 lawsuits! He’s the Micheal Jackson of acting! In case you need a refresher then I guess take a look here.
Karan Singh
Saying Kevin Spacey is an amazing actor would be redundant here, we all know this.
But the interesting thing is the amazing way this interview went. Instead of interviewer asking "oh, oh, now do this impression please" (Like what happens these days), it just kept going seamlessly.
Ronald Reagan
Assassa ppo ppou
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20 Best IMPRESSIONS In The Past 50 Years Kevin's Impressions - Impersonations 4 months ago   08:09

20 Best IMPRESSIONS In The Past 50 Years (Part-1)

For this list, we are counting down the best, and most truthful impressions done by comedians.

20 - Jamie Foxx as Denzel Washington
19 - Rock as Kevin Hart
18 - Jimmy Fallon as Russell Brand
17 - Dana Carvey as Ross Perot
16 - Kevin Spacey as Christopher Walken
15 - Jim Breuer as Norm Macdonald
14 - Jay Pharoah as Chris Rock
13 - Phil Hartman as Donald Trump
12 - Jamie Foxx as Shaq
11 - Jay Pharoah as Eddie Murphy
10 - Kevin Pollak as Christopher Walken
09 - Jimmy Fallon as Robin Williams
08 - Kevin Spacey as Al Pacino
07 - Eddie Murphy as Tracy Morgan
06 - Dana Carvey as George W Bush
05 - Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman
04 - Bill Hader as Alan Alda
03 - Jay Pharoah as Kevin Hart
02 - Rich Little as Jimmy Stewart
01 - Frank Caliendo as Morgan Freeman

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