Virtual tour of the interior of the Abraham Mary Lincoln's Strawberry Dress 1 day ago   07:16

Virtual tour of the interior of the Abraham Lincoln home in Springfield, Illinois. Includes audio commentary.

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Sunshine Friends
I enjoyed this virtual video...Your narrative helped me visualize their life as well as, the culture at this time period, and the political climate at the Lincoln family home.
The volume is low inspire of me put this tablet volume at it's highest point...
J/K Fulton
Awesome! Thank you!
GhostCity Shelton
Other then a few ignorant comment folks who hate President Lincoln for whatever their reasons I enjoyed the tour very much, thank you.
The knee takers comments just ignor. It's 2018 as I'm writing this, not the 1800s.
tommy davis
if i was two faced, why would i wear this one?
Shady 1
I love seeing the items of yesteryear. My grandfather and one of my aunts had a kitchen wood burner stoves they cook on until 1970. My mom called her furniture junk but was in fact antiques.My children look at me like I am from another planet when I tell them of pot belly Coal stoves , out houses, scrub boards and metal tubs use for baths and cleaning cloths. Wringer washers etc. Interesting times and look how things have changed today. I have loved living in these days of great change. Lincolns home was indeed fancy compared to the way many people lived back then. He was raised in a log cabin and he made a great life for himself and his family. Thanks for the video.
Bill Hawkens
Lincoln was a war criminal and if any monument should be removed, dismantle the one in Washington D.C.
Young0g773 OutWest
I went here on a field trip in grammar school
And who were these men who came and asked Lincoln to be president? Who was behind it? Maybe the person with the real power?
marie mcclish
Thank you for such a fantastic video just joined your sight👍👍👍
Clovers Face Channel
i went there today
Lisette Jones
sPoNgEbOb SqUaRePaNtS
i FuCkS wIt DiS cUh 😈💨🍃🍁🤟🔫🚬💊🅱️
James Schad
Abraham Lincoln is my fifth great cousin
K Pee
We need him now, more than ever.
Devin Harp
i hate having to be forced to go to school
Joel Rhynes
Thank you i'm in school and I had to watch this......😊
Lincoln, traitor to the U.S. Constitution and murderer.   His headstone deserves nothing more than fresh urine every day.
We can see now their location in which they lived, at just the same point of view as young Willie and Tad, whose eyes already have returned to the earth long time ago. Something funny, and something sad. If, their father had not become the President, both of two boys would be able to grow up in this place and long live to see the era of automobile and radio.
Channelingus Llcix
I was there in 1981, railings were there then
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Mary Lincoln's Strawberry Dress Virtual tour of the interior of the Abraham 1 day ago   07:49

Curator Dr. James Cornelius talks about Mary Lincoln's strawberry dress which was last on display in 1985. The dress will be on display May 6th, 7th, and 8th 2011 at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.