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Yo Kidz
How to Draw a Gun.

In this video we are going to learn how to draw Gun step by step for kids. This is quite an easy sketch and I am sure kids are going to enjoy Gun drawing.

Though this is not step by step Gun drawing video but however we do feel that this is just best for beginners and Kids.

Drawing Handgun – Drawing handgun and drawing gun, both are different kind of drawings and you must consider this before you start drawing.

If you want to explore more on gun drawing then you can also try to draw guns n roses logo. This will give more dimensions to drawing.

Gun drawing is one of the easiest drawings for the beginners, especially if you follow step by step.

We would like to tell you that drawing Gun and drawing pistol both is same thing.

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Yo Kidz

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RAsolop Art
Its look so easy and simple drawing
Cicada Ortiz
The music kind of reminds me of Animal Crossing
luk vecha
i like your draw
Maniac Gamer
Should have put better music instead of kidz music
hingra salgado
super bueno
hrisheek Seeburn
Can you just 😬😲😲😲😲😲😬😬😬😬😬😬😬the MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-_-
ჰეილ მე
this gun looks like a mix of Five seven and colt 1911
Gregory Casale
Sujitha Reji
What is
Анна Попова
yes or no?
and thank for work)
my englych is very bed,sorry
Lordson Dyo Dimailig
Glacial Demon
Thank you so much! It very helped me alot!
Maya Wylie
YAY now i can draw a gun that looks like a dog
SuperBO2gamer 2132
Is that a Colt M1911?
KingBoiIsBanned2 LOl
Quiz: what is the name of the gun?
Ass Ass
Yo kids! Let's draw a *gun* !
vu pro
Bella_ nuar05
thank you it is so easy!!!
Seon Mcperson
My name is SEON McPherson Monday May 20
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How to draw graffiti character ''Spraycan How to Draw a Gun 10 months ago   05:30

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