How to Make Popsicle Stick House ᴴᴰ Zig and Sharko NEW SEASON 3 & Best 5 months ago   06:42

The Q
In this video I show you how to make popsicle stick house for your rat, guinea pig or hamster! For this house I used near 600 popsicle sticks.

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A Lobinha Otaku
So cute!🐁🐁🐁🐁
Lena Beck
Kann mann das auch für Hadenmachen👍👍👍👍
The doodling wonder wolf M
Is hot glue safe for rats it the we're to chew on that ? Because I would love to make a one I just want to be sure
Mohamed Hachfi Soussi
Juliana Maldonado
Hola. qué lindo. mascota. cómo. cellama
micala florentin marin
Sos un genio the Q
Aicha Jemmi
Aicha Jemmi
Très bon
Aleyda Cobeña
Me encanto😍
hebi rai
so cute
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Sugar Blossom
Subscribe to me. I am trying to reach 100 :). By the way I love this! Ill be sure to watch more! :)
JR The Animator
Good home
Anjoy Khuman
محمد ابوخضر
Raja Das
Kruthi DIY Craft Ideas
0:01 긴 노가다의 시작 ..
0:01 start long work ..
gazoldoba saikat sarkar
You are good👍
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ᴴᴰ Zig and Sharko NEW SEASON 3 & Best How to Make Popsicle Stick House 5 months ago   35:40

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