This Ferrari LaFerrari with Ferrari LaFerrari Vs Bugatti Veyron 9 months ago   17:41

The Ferrari LaFerrari has one of the best sounding V12 engines out there, but make it a straight pipe exhaust system... then you get THIS! My friend @shinmikeyin has done exactly this with his LaFerrari and I jumped onboard for a ride in this crazy sounding hypercar before he allowed me to take the wheel for a test drive - what an experience, and what a sound!

The LaFerrari is really the halo of the Ferrari range, with 500 coupes being built and 210 Aperta (convertible) models it's not exactly common too. It's powered by a 6.3l V12 that's mated to an electric system for 963hp in total from the hybrid powertrain. With the mid-rear mounted engine, the sound doesn't have far to travel before it's singing from the exhaust tips - but now, things have got even crazier!

The LaFerrari is one of the cars in @shinmikeyin's garage: - alongside the Pagani Huayra BC, Koenigsegg Agera R and Mansory Aventador Roadster. Getting started, we can take a full walkaround of the car and explore it inside and out, before MIke gives us a demonstration of a completely cold start of the engine.

Next up it's out onto the roads; Mike first, before he allowed me the opportunity to see what it's like and to experience the thrill of that soundtrack. Upon return, who doesn't want to hear some crazy revs in the garage?!

I cannot say thank you enough to Mike for the opportunity, please do give him a follow at:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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There are absolutely ridiculous car sounds, and then there's the noise made by a LaFerrari with a straight pipe exhaust system...! A huge thanks to @shinmikeyin for the chance to not only check out his car but to even take it for a drive myself to absorb those downshifts and mega noises that it makes. What a car!
nic bic
One thing's for sure, we can build cars 💪
05:00 You might be rich, but, are you Twinkly Shoes while I drive my La Ferrari rich?
The craziest thing is , when you open the window it gets louder... Well Ya !!!
Stanley Banks
Those mirrors are terrible
Efrain Velazquez
I want one
Guy Lebel
Those bastards always wake my baby
KING gaming DD
Idk I think a piped v8 vette sounds better and meaner
Thats MIL engine light on dashboard xD 13:39
Maddie Warren
scientist: i found the loudest noice in the world!
me: it a strate pipe ferrari laferrari
Peter Peters
I'm confused how it's called a straight pipe and still has a muffler......

A straight pipe exhaust is just a pipe that starts from the header.
Best sounding car ever. Even my exhaust tuned Mazda 323 doesn't sound that good. :D
Robert Davis
Diamond Bar California 😄😄😄😄😄
Christian Lee
I haven't stopped smiling like a kid since that cold start-up.
Put a Halon system on it, or get ready for a Car-B-Que.....great sound, no cops in your area? How does it pass inspection?
Good morning neighbours!!!
Manfred Kessler
W o f ü r ?für spackos 🤮
Toth Lajos
Even though it can down shift all the way to first gear.... Please try not to if it can be avoided
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Ferrari LaFerrari Vs Bugatti Veyron This Ferrari LaFerrari with 9 months ago   02:05

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