UN debates ways to fight climate COP 24: What's at stake? 2 days ago   02:00

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For the next two weeks many of the world's leading nations are in Katowice, Poland, to discuss how to implement the Paris climate accord of 2015 that had been agreed to by most nations. The goal is to ensure measures that will limit the earth warming by no more than two degrees Celsius by the end of this century.
Over the weekend 79 Chinese cities triggered air pollution alerts as severe winter smog covered large parts of the country.
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Charles Bates
The atmospheric temperature of the plant dropped almost half a degree C in the past two years. There's record snow and cold all across the northern hemisphere. Give up the climate scam and the agenda that goes with it already.
Pasquino Marforio
The Yellow Vest Revolt in France just put a stake through the heart of the Paris Accords. The white working class of the West will not pay, through punitive taxes, for climate control for the rest of the world. F.O.
That all "conference" its great falsehood.
Trump: "Make America Venus Again!"...and the rest of the planet, too.
Dark Knight
The problem is China. They said it at the start of the damn video. They should pay majority of the tax.
jean-claude schwartz
I can't believe that YouTube lets far right Internet Terrorists wreck havoc in every video. This has to stop Now
Might as well promote my movie while here
joe kawasaki
Give me the keys to your motorcycle now
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COP 24: What's at stake? UN debates ways to fight climate 2 days ago   05:36

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