10 Best Couch Co-op Games 10 Games That SUCKED in 2018 4 months ago   11:03

Looking to play offline with a friend or two? We've got you covered with our favorite co op game recommendations!
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I don't usually hit the dislike button, but please don't use the phrase "of all time" next time. Really misleading
For my top 3:
1) Timesplitters future perfect
2) Left4dead 2
3) A way out
Zombies Ate My Neighbors on SNES
Stone Broke Gaming
Portal 2 co-op was awesome! But I'd pull Gears off the list and replace it with Halo. Gears is a bullshit game and completely overrated IMO.
SkitZo 5989
Towerfall and shovel knight are really underrated ones that are also great. An awesome retro co op is zombies ate my neighbors. It deserves a reboot.
Claudiu 985
Free please
Rias C.
Me and my Girlfriend finished Resident Evil 5 tonight, was and will be one of the best memories with her. Went in thinking I'd hate it cus it's a resident evil game and screw spooky stuff. Buuut while it had its moments where I wanted a new heart, it was an amazing story with fun gameplay, 8.5/10 I recommend with a bestfriend/SO
Donnell Kane
I had to watch 2 ads to get here then my phone died
finley johnston
“Do it on the couch!”
Kane and Lynch (the first one)..alone it was meh..with a friend; fun.
Brad Krauss
Call of duty.. Zombies. Ultimate couch Co op. Halo of course. Mario kart? Super smash brothers.. More pvp, but still think they deserve a nod.
João Wiciuk
Where's SNES games? For sure Goof Troop and Donkey Kong 2 deserves a mention! What about PS1? Crash Team Racing? Metal Slug? Don't call a list the best of all time if you're not talking about those games
No Farcry or Halo?
lauri y-v
I dont consider fps as good local coop games. You totaly miss the point why local coop.
Who remembers bonkheads xD
Timothy the Texas Teacher
I think the couch co-op I’ve played and enjoyed the most is Diablo III.
Time splitters. I win
Jonathan Ngo
Castle crashers?
Thomas Fallon
Where the hell was Mario... that’s like the definition of co-op with Mario and Luigi
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10 Games That SUCKED in 2018 10 Best Couch Co-op Games 4 months ago   10:13

2018 saw plenty of great games for PC, PS4, Xbox, and Switch, but there were also plenty of stinkers. Here are our least favorite games.
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