Supercars in London May 2019 - #CSATW71 The best Supercar Drifts, Powerslides 2 days ago   17:01

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Supercars in London May 10, 2019 - #CSATW71

Hello and welcome to my YouTube channel!
Last Friday, on May 10, 2019, I visited London for another one time, and I meet some interesting cars, looks like a Mercedes-AMG Mansory GTS, Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR, Aston Martin DB11 AMR, McLaren 570S, Gold Chrome Lamborghini Aventador S LP740-4 and Rolls Royce Ghost Series II, Ferrari 458 Speciale, Mercedes-Benz Brabus S B63-650 Coupe C217, Porsche 991 Turbo S MkII and other interesting cars.
Now is Friday and is time to upload the video on my YouTube channel. I hope you will like the #CSATW71 (Car Spotting Around the World part 71).
Enjoy this video! Cheers!

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00:01 - Aston Martin DB11 AMR;

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1:50 he's well STILL stuck in the 80s that guy.
Dragon RA Open
3:19 best
Daren Halfpenny
The McLaren had different number plates on the front and back - how the hell is that legal?!
1 Alsaidi
ههههه هلا كلنا هنا عرب😂
Josh Peters
It's nice they all give a little rev for the camera, fair play 🍻
Which street in London do you film these on?
Very nice video quality!
Sameer Khan
Hie in hell did you not get the Sena in the vid there was a Meclaren Sena. On alone street
Jamaican Cuisine
Fucking soft pussy snobs
Pete Bluett
That dark red Speciale is utterly gorgeous
The DBSS for me please.
Supercar Spotter Lu
Why you so god?
Baffo Dana
6:36 is there no driver???🤯
佳新 簡
I like
Kween Dree
i love supercars
Semiko Tyrell
I really love the bmw
Great job keep it coming!
Ahmet Aydin
From where do theese guys get so much money?
Chris G
That M5 plate tho...
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The best Supercar Drifts, Powerslides Supercars in London May 2019 - #CSATW71 2 days ago   09:45

From a Koenigsegg RSN doing Donuts, to a Mustang during rubber, this video has the best of drifts, power slides and donuts of GoodWood 2018! Hope you enjoy it.

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