Michael B. Jordan Loses It At Steve Top Gear Special On The Graham Norton 2 weeks ago   02:43

The Graham Norton Show
I love lamp.

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Dea Sekar
Dawn looks good... I like her hairstyle
Emeri Christine
I love that haircut on Dawn
J Dubs
Where did he lose it?
T_T 20
I wouldn't name the video Michael B Jordan loses it 😑
Reina Arana
Where's the freak out ?
I feel like "loses it" is a stretch
Line ready, bait attached, cast out, And we have a direct bite! Click-Bait-and Sinker
Jon Sneau
They’re action figures not dolls T_T
Steve tries to avoid anything associated with The Office. He just doesn't react. Almost make you feel like he separated from the show on bad terms.
Anushka G
Loses what exactly?
I really fancy her
Mr Random wTF entertainment
Click bait?? How did he lose it??
Tania R.
I have that bubble head in my room! ❤️
Alex Veps
When did he lose it?
Michael B Jordan fanboying over the Steve Carell toys was pretty fun. Term gets thrown around a lot with actors but he does seem pretty down the Earth.
Jan Alleman
“Loses it” 😂
Khulan Erdene
Omg I didn't recognize Dawn French! She looks amazing! Love her anyways
Mitch Gibson
Steve Carell is a wonderful human.
Jael Lopez
Loses it? That’s a reach
"Losses it"
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Top Gear Special On The Graham Norton Michael B. Jordan Loses It At Steve 2 weeks ago   14:07

Jeremy Clarkson and James May chat to Graham about their new DVD and what really annoys them.