Michael B. Jordan Loses It At Steve Top Gear Special On The Graham Norton 3 months ago   02:43

The Graham Norton Show
I love lamp.

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Solomone Fukofuka
It should've been named Michael B Jordan fanboy out to Steve Carell or something like that lol
K. Foster
“Loses it” ? Click bait much?
Sotora L
Steve Carell is gorgeous with gray hair
ashley marie ramirez
I love lamp!
Jake Williams
Pretty sure Steve Carell has always been built. Correct me if I’m wrong.
sOcs Razor
Seeing two of my favorite actors together put a huge smile on my face :))
Shel 💘
steve carrell looks awful. must be all the disappointment from his awards floppage this year
Margarita M.
Does Angela have a website?
Steve Carrell is the most un-funny supposed funny-man. Effing loser.
jordan shore
Michael B. Jordan LOSES IT At Steve Carell’s Dolls....= only mildly amused....
Tibby Day
I loveeew gru, and mbj
King J
What did he lose
Lisa Ellis
Micheal, B Jordan, is adorable!
Hunny High
The amount of love and respect I have for Steve Carrel is indescribable.
Can anyone pinpoint the moment that he “loses” it?
Venom Kratos
Misleading Clickbait
I love Dawn! She quickly checked to see if her doll had naughty bits!
i guess losing it has a kinda broader definition than i expected xd
Smoochy Poochy
That was a black panther action figure... he played war monger.
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