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Best Places To Retire In The Caribbean | - At Up-Tube.com


Elite Jamaica Official Channel
Elite Jamaica takes a look at top 10 Caribbean islands for 2018, These islands were selected by cost of living, property taxes and investment opportunities.
These are the best places to retire in the Caribbean.

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Elite Jamaica Official Channel
Please subscribe to my other channel to continue learning about Jamaica and Jamaicans
Mickyle Newman
Let’s build Jamaica to be the best in the world! It can be done. Great video Alex keep up the good work. Also big up to St. Lucia, Barbados and Antigua.
Andre Green
Crabs in a barrel is in this comment section.
Petrona Springer
U forgetting one eh man, Trinidad and Tobago had to be on that list. I am a TRINI and trini does always rock. Big up urself
natalie storm
Dominican Republican they killing tourists every second
VI's Very Own
Retire in Caymans?!?! you must be mad!!! you will go broke in a few months.....
Thanks for the information.. just an advice don't use this filter so high otherwise we can't appreciate the quality of the videos ;)
Lenard Barzey
As usual my Island of Nativity, Montserrat W.I. nuh mek it ah rasta-clath, lol 😂🤣😅😎🤩 🇲🇸🇲🇸🇲🇸🇲🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸 🌋🏝️🏖️🌄.
loveld Lu
what buses to you and your family and all the success and you're leaving the best of your life and itchy you and you go and buy focusing and thank you for your comments and your likes of course we all are the family of the Caribbean if you insult one Island you thought everyone so we cannot have this so therefore if you going to embrace everybody you must embrace it fully don't you agree thank you very much
caro lisious
I liked the video, just too bad that the content wasnt the same for each Island so its hard to compare based on tje video. For example,.you started with the price of the Golden visa for the first 5 islands but didnt mention it nomore for the next 5 islands. The Report about jamaica was too short and had less facts then the Reports of the other islands. Also, the prices for housing was missing.
Glasme M Roye
Thanks Alex!! Great!
aka Savage jamani
Barbados 🇧🇧 🇧🇧 🇧🇧 ❤
Alethea Richardson
very informative and very interesting I always wanted to retire to the Islands and since I have root and family in the Bahamas I always thought that that would be the I did not retire to but the sooner they're in the top 10 that's good to know but I also consider all the Caribbean islands a beautiful place to retire the only Island that I would avoid would be Aruba for various reasons but Jamaica's beautiful St Lucia is a beautiful place so is the ones that were not mentioned life Grenada Trinidad and Tobago Dominica st. Thomas and st. Croix but this was very interesting again and very very informative thank you
Mertel Powell
Jamaica. Montego bay. Salt spring. The best placce to. Live. No place like home.
Firstname Lastname
😂Then a hurricane will blow all your investment away in all of those islands! 👎 Only in Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire, you are safe because they are outside of hurricane belt, with European protection!
Wize One
Damn your #1 and #2 may be the CHEAPEST but they DAN sure not the safest (I have know Jamaicans and people from the D.T. that will absolutely NOT go back their countries because of poverty and crime. Also I went to the D.R. and saw the saddest thing in my life. Young girls and I means girls meet you inside and outside the airport looking for sex. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I saw a documentary last year about how bad the prostitution is there. Lot's of OLD white men from EUROPE and THE USA travel there just for that (sick bastards)!!
Ban Powel
Just being on the Jamaican super highway and it's superb ?.the scenery is beautiful and breath taking. When they build hotels, apartments, shopping malls, recreation areas etc.....this will really push Jamaica as one of the best tourist spots.
laurencia eugene
My Beautiful island St.Lucia !
Chat Patwah
Countdown starts at 1:38. You're welcome.
Al Almonte
Dominican republic
#1 👍🏼
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