Plastic Surgeon Creates His Perfect Tiny Husband: Larger Than 11 months ago   03:33

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Plastic Surgeon Creates His Perfect Wife


PLASTIC surgeon David Matlock has created ideal bodies for himself and his wife - enabling them to compete as BODYBUILDERS. David and Veronica, 38, gained their perfect male and female physiques through a gruelling diet, fitness regime, and body-sculpting procedures. But when the couple first met David was immediately smitten with the beautiful brunette, and suggested she have a "Wonder Woman Makeover," involving liposuction of the chin, arms, and legs, and a Brazilian butt lift. He's been helping her to enhance her figure ever since. 

Videographer/Director: Laurentiu Garofeanu
Producer: Liam Miller
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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Flower Girl
Their is something wrong with that relationship but it’s none of my business 😲
Su G
Diesel Girl
2:48 that daughter is ME in the background
Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
Soomi Chung
So what happened to her first husband?
He didn't love her, he seen a quest in front of him to make her what he wanted instead of accepting and working out, eating right..... no she was a project.
2:00 a beautiful young girl with a mind of her own and knows beauty is natural & you will be loved while loving yourself with augmentation. She has a stronger self confidence than her parents & many others.
nichol c
Hallelujah there child is the only one talking any sense, he seems to be very insecure and so does she, he dosent love her for who she is if he did he would love her whatever shape or size she was clearly he doesn't
This is exactly why Plastic Surgeons should be on the top list of men whom women shouldn't marry. Especially if you are not beautiful.
Analise Rosa
A real man would love you just like you are, not with plastic surgery. Her face looks so wrinkled now... If he actually loved you when he saw you he wouldn’t tell you to have a surgery again. Meh.
People really judging these guys based off them just doing what they wanna do. Like if they wanna get surgery thats their choice. It doesn't make them stupid or anything. Yall need to calm down.
Beauty Chan
It is just me or they almost looks like brother and sister when they smile 😬
Torinna Farnum
And I oop....
Random Manny
This stuff seems unhealthy mate
lizz kamel
Looks like Bonnie from tvd
سينادا زوكيتش سينادا زوكيتش
This is not love its soo sad
Mortar and Pestle Tshuaj Khib thiab Qws Txob
This dr is trained in family medicine, not plastic surgery.
moaiad Aljamal
I personally don't believe in plastic surgeries but these couples are doing it and it's making them happier. It doesn't matter what your believes are as long they make you happy without hurting other people. Long story short, let these people live their life and stop hating.
iron man
he got bubble guts which is side effects of steroids.
Natasia Gaines
Love at first slice lmaooo
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Tiny Husband: Larger Than Plastic Surgeon Creates His Perfect 11 months ago   04:29

Tiny Husband: Larger Than Life Couple Shows Love Knows No Bounds
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Mindie Kniss reveals she and her husband live a normal life despite the fact that he is 2ft 8in tall. Mindie, 36, received unwelcome questions and comments regarding her relationship and sex life with Sean Stephenson, 35 who was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bone Disorder. At 35, he is just 33.6 inches tall with shorter than average legs because it affects bone growth. Mindie received an email from a woman who asked if Sean allowed her to cheat on him to satisfy her needs or if she was with him for his money. She responded publicly and revealed that they have a great sex-life.

Videographer / Director: Matt Corbisiero
Producer: Daniel Howlett
Editor: Sonia Estal / Kyle Waters

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