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Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory .night | 特斯拉Tesla電池領先全球!? Model 3放大絕! 馬斯克"超級工廠"揭密 - At Up-Tube.com

Tesla shanghai gigafactory .Night 特斯拉Tesla電池領先全球!? Model 3放大絕! 馬斯克"超級工廠"揭密 2 days ago   02:24

The evening air shot seemed a little difficult.The site area is large.The scene was dark.The small sensor element of the metronome cannot record all the signals And the noise is much.
Therefore,we can only look at the scene of the evening filght.
Please understand.thank you!

The channel special about tesla video related connection.

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Cicero Araujo
Thank you from brazil and usa
Cicero Araujo
Together we are amezing
Rajan Sachdeva
Chinese workers are amazing!
*China is a strong partner of USA!! Bravo China!!*
tianyi xu
Maybe only in China,you will see the incredible construction speed to complete the factory construction and ensure to hand over to client on time
This is all some fake Potemkin construction site

Tesla's claims defy all data concerning auto plant construction in terms of both cost and timeline - the ambitious projections are not supported the experience of seasoned automakers. J Engle from Seeking alpha

/s 🤷‍♂️

Seriously, it would be cool if Elon meets or even exceeds his timeline with Gig3. I think he has learned his lesson and will keep it simple and efficient when it comes to Gig3

Go Tesla!
Ken Yup
Tesla gogogo!
Craig Ruchman
Amazing progress!
poobear Cretu
Another great video 🙌can't wait to see how it will look like in a months time!
Christian S
Thank you again for these videos!
Leon Hu
Now that's the speed of China, so proud as a Chinese
Chris Lee
谢谢你的超级视频和评论。OMG! This is beyond incredible! Bringing tears to my eyes.
Pieter Hoogstad
Thank you soooo much!!!! Great video! Look at Tesla going! Absolutely love this music :-)
Lars-Christian Strahlberger
It's faster to build a Gigafactory in China than to build one fast charger in Germany! :-)
Karen Pease
I think it's obvious why China and in particular the city of Shanghai has been so welcoming and favourable to this project. What an incredible showpiece to the world for how fast they can make industrial projects happen! Any foreign investor who's considering building a new plant in China has to be salivating at the prospect that they could go from plans and a greenfield to "huge fully enclosed factory building" in just half a year. Where else in the world can you do that?

Auto plants normally take several years, with half of that spent on site construction. Here they'll probably have the first general assembly line up by mid to late summer, and plans are for stamping, body, and paint to be up to 3k/wk by the end of the year. One year to a fully operational car plant is just unheard of in the industry.
Why do they use green lights??
Nils Frederking
Thanks! Impressive, it looks so much different than a week ago! Does anyone know what the squared wholes in the ground are for?
Cool Cool
@烏瓦 给你的建议:用无人机搭载华为最新的P30pro手机拍摄,效果将完全不同。P30PRO有10倍变焦、夜景拍摄功能,拍摄远景和夜景画面非常清晰。再次建议。。
Advice for you: Using a drone to take Huawei's latest P30pro phone, the effect will be completely different. The P30PRO has a 10x zoom and night view function, making it very clear for shooting distant and night scenes. Suggest again. .
Bruno M
Henri Frits maarseveen
thanks hope your channel will grow .. !!!
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特斯拉Tesla電池領先全球!? Model 3放大絕! 馬斯克"超級工廠"揭密 Tesla shanghai gigafactory .Night 2 days ago   11:22



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