New York City Walking Tour Walking around Rockefeller Center 1 day ago   40:48

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I took an awesome and very informative nine hour walking tour of New York City with New York Tour1 ( and our fantastic guide Bobby. It was 94 degrees with almost 100% humidity but that didn't stop us from having a great time in The Big Apple. This video is Part 1 and covers Midtown Manhattan including Times Square, the Diamond District, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, Top of the Rock (with views of Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and Freedom Tower), Radio City Music Hall, Bryant Park, New York Public Library, Grand Central Station, and the underground subway.
Please click on this link to see Part 2: Downtown Manhattan

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the last time I was in NYC about 20 years ago...I exited the Hudson parkway and was sitting at a traffic light ready to head into manhattan to buy a camcorder at JR the light turned green, a large delivery truck in front of me decided to turn right, ran right over the hood of a smaller car in the lane to his right, then proceeded to leave the scene of the accident...whereupon a cabbie pulled up to the guy in the crushed vehicle and said "c'mon man, lets go get him!" whereupon the guy jumped in the cab and off they sped down the road to catch the delivery truck...and that was my introduction to the Big Apple...needless to say, I was rattled and super careful after that
I’m sorry but this is a snooze tour.. I hate talking tours talking talking talking.. walk and show me something!
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Millions of mice, voles, and rats path along the Hudson River and East River and know New York very well. Of course that's true of any densely populated city near water.
This guide was rather good you guys.
Watching this makes me sad that I live in UK.
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I'm watching this because I'm a student from Europe and I dream of going to NYC but can't afford to go to NYC yet 😭😂
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Such an amazing place! So much history, diversity and culture.
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The CN tower in Canada is taller then One World Trade Centre by 12 meters
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I'm from nyc and this tour was great and you learn very Much about the big apple
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Six hours to watch a crappy illuminated ball drop a few meters. Way to go, NYC!
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Astors wife was only 19 she was pregnant she did not die on the titanic
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That tour guide was incredibly good, and your video coverage was equally as great
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There is a street in London called 'Long Acre' which is between Leicester Square and Covent Garden.
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Ummm I was fascinated about e Titanic sinking and the soars I wanted to read more. Apparently his wife did escape on a lifeboat or is it somebody else he is referring to?
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What a nice video. People often overlook the fact that New York City has some sections that are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for uploading.
I like this presentation. However, as I'm sure everyone is aware, the story of the Astors on the Titanic is confused with the story of Isidor Strauss and his wife, who reportedly went back to bed as the Titanic sank. John Jacob Astor did perish (famously) in the Titanic, but his wife survived and inherited a large sum from him. She also, incidentally, gave birth to his child the following August. It's a fascinating story, just have to get it straight.
Well I'm sold! See you soon, Bobby!
I like this guy, very engaging
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Thanks man ,as a house bound cripple these videos make my day...cheers
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City walking tour by New York Hunts Point and North Brother Island ....
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Walking around Rockefeller Center New York City Walking Tour 1 day ago   20:25

Located in the heart of Midtown, Rockefeller Center is the home of NBC Studios (Jimmy Fallon Show, Today Show, Saturday Night Live), known for Top of The Rock, The Rink, Radio City Music Hall and The Channel Gardens.

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