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I took an awesome and very informative nine hour walking tour of New York City with New York Tour1 ( and our fantastic guide Bobby. It was 94 degrees with almost 100% humidity but that didn't stop us from having a great time in The Big Apple. This video is Part 1 and covers Midtown Manhattan including Times Square, the Diamond District, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, Top of the Rock (with views of Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and Freedom Tower), Radio City Music Hall, Bryant Park, New York Public Library, Grand Central Station, and the underground subway.
Please click on this link to see Part 2: Downtown Manhattan

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Spar Musick
Tour guide is very informative, which is very much appreciated. Great job sir.
Handshake for a Diamond deal.... LMAO. They don't use paper for sales receipts because they don't report their sales to the Government for tax purposes....
Jacqueline Roberts
I have always wanted to tour new York, but I don't have a lot of money so this really helps me see it without having to pay anything.
Alex T
You guys
Jacob Clarke
Love NYC’s so much want to go back now. If your going there always make the MOST of your time it’s class
nice guide i will look them up
Dora G
2019 and watching it! Thank you Andy for sharing!!!!
This tour guide is awesome. I love his personality.
Great video!! Love the tour guide.
Irish Sean
I flew from Ireland to Yankee Stadium to watch Garth Brooks several years ago - a great night 👍
Me and my dad are going to visit this loud ass city in 2020
MrDJ Minty94
Well I’m from the UK but damn I might just move to NYC :) had a vision actually of me working at Starbucks in Manhattan :) I think it may be a sign :) need a +1 :) anyone up for that travel with me? :)
HEY YOU GUYS!!!! - Goonies
He is very good
liiviipee liiviipee
This is great!!! Thanx 4 sharing!!!!
30:26 'The old couple' was the Strausses (Isador and Ida) who owned Macys.
It was simply the done thing in a 'women and children first' scenario for a gentleman not to take to the lifeboats before the women and kids were off safely. And Mrs.Strauss would not leave her husband, when she could have gone.

I'd heard also that Times Squares old name was named after Longacre in London. (Which would make sense, given the amount of names in NY taken from English places) Good vid though.
This is awesome Andy. I've got the itch to go back to NYC again!! I really enjoyed this.
Jasmine Scholz
Such a good tour
That guide is really good!
I like how he tells about the history of the places, but also the vibes and relations of the people who uses the spaces.

Would love to be on one of his tours if I ever visit NY
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⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Walking NYC (Narrated) : Fifth New York City Walking Tour 2 days ago   52:37

Google Maps Route:

A narrated walk down Fifth Avenue from the 5th Avenue - 59th Street Station to 23rd Street, where the Flatiron Building is located.

Filmed January 8, 2019

1:45 - Someone bumps into me
2:31 - 60th Street
3:30 - 59th Street (Apple Store)
4:38 - 58th Street
5:55 - 57th Street (Trump Tower)
7:40 - 56th Street
8:50 - 55th Street
10:36 - 54th Street (Aggressive Cyclist and Woman nearly gets hit by a taxi)
12:05 - 53rd Street (UNIQLO)
13:22 - 52nd Street
14:22 - 51st Street (Saint Patrick's Cathedral [Actually Neo-Gothic Architecture], Atlas Statue & Rockefeller Center)
15:50 - 50th Street (Rockefeller Center Promenade & Sak's Fifth Avenue)
16:58 - 49th Street
18:25 - 48th Street (A fan says hello)
20:25 - 47th Street (Diamond District & More poor jaywalking)
21:35 - 46th Street (Little Brazil)
22:35 - 45th Street
23:40 - 44th Street
24:55 - 43rd Street (Poor jaywalking)
26:15 - 42nd Street (New York Public Library Main Branch)
27:36 - 41st Street
28:25 - 40th Street
29:50 - 39th Street
31:30 - 38th Street
33:00 - 37th Street
34:30 - 36th Street
36:00 - 35th Street (More poor jaywalking)
36:40 - Two people bump into each other
37:17 - 34th Street (Empire State Building)
38:55 - 33rd Street (Cyclist fails to yield to pedestrians)
40:00 - 32nd Street (Koreatown)
41:11 - 31st Street
42:20 - 30th Street
43:30 - 29th Street
44:25 - 28th Street
45:50 - 27th Street
47:30 - 26th Street
49:08 - 25th Street
50:20 - 24th Street
51:15 - 23rd Street (Flatiron Building - Completed in 1902)

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