Border crossing between Bosnia-Herzegovina 4 months ago   03:50

This is what happened duri1ng the crossing of a secondary border towards Croatia -Hrvatska -

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Yank 99
Tipičan Bosanac...... priča svoj jezik sa turistom iz Španije
m k
Presume all these borders were completely open in the old Yugoslavia?
Onaj hercegovac
Haha mujo nezna engleski
Krešimir Ćosić
This border is used by our 'patriots' who steal money and run to BiH. It is known.
Mia Busuladzic
The first one Bosnien (dont give a fuck ) hahhah hahaha
Ali Erkoç
Local people local people
Igor Bašić
Bošnjo i Engleski 👌🔝😂😂
Gta5CroatianVideoProgram CVP
I live very close to bosnia-croatia douane,i am in 5minutes im Bosnia
بوحمزة ٥١٥
fuck corwat and serb cowards terrorist from arab 🖕
no u
Jebiga malo bosanaca znaju eng
The Sidsters
Omg I was just there and saw that guy! Lol
Alex Horvath
Keith Turban
The Funniest Border I've ever seen...Lol.......might not be even considered a Border...Lol
Could be much worse :)
Patriota BiH
Jao ovog našeg uhljupa haha.Eh vala jesmo glupi Bosanci 😂
Vuk Vukanovic
Bosanac mozes preci granicu al daj pasos i papire od motora. Tacno ga je trebao pljunut.
aras omanovic
Bosnien police
Antonio Ivanis
Nemere ovdje
John Doe
These people are racist.
I'm sure you know this but in some parts of the bosnian/croatian and bosnian/serbian border, locals cross the borders daily. When I visited last summer it was lots of Serbians that cross into Bosnia to fill up fuel containers since it was cheaper. No clue why they have em separated for locals but whatever
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Border crossing between Bosnia-Herzegovina 4 months ago   03:58