Who will be the new Merkel? | Politics explained Enrollment Plummets at Evergreen College 5 months ago   01:55

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At the @CDU party conference this week, some 1,000 delegates will decide who will be the new boss of Germany's largest political party, and Angela Merkel's successor as conservative party leader after 18 years. So, who are the main contenders? And what do they stand for?
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Hopefully there will be NO MORE Merkel!
She should be put in a cage of shame somewhere and people should be allowed to spit on her.
lynxipoo francis
Who cares. Politician is all the same
red rose
Who cares
AKK is gonna make it, believe me
Hélio Buratto
Do you need a new Merkel?
The title of the video fits perfectly. The question is not who will be the next party leader or chancellor doing things differently than Merkel did them, but who will be the Merkel 2.0 to carry on as always. Nothing will be different with one of these pseudo conservative “alternatives“.
J. Akin
Ohhh! Dear. 😥

We will ALL miss ANGELA MERKEL - (globally).

We hope Angela's successor will be TENACIOUS, a NO-NONSENCE (entertaining) INDIVIDUAL..as SHE was. 🙏
TR Was Here
Poor Germany.
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Enrollment Plummets at Evergreen College Who will be the new Merkel? | Politics explained 5 months ago   04:23

Social justice policies appear to be backfiring at Evergreen State College as the faculty continues supporting an openly anti-white agenda, but, as One America’s Pearson Sharp explains, students aren’t happy with the school’s apparently racist policies — leading to a massive drop in enrollment.

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