I Went into Squad Pretending I tried out for the RAREST RECON EXPERT 4 months ago   11:04

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I love you 3000💫❤️
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Just Grumpy
Sad part they have android skins
jake schultz
ok i like defaults but im not rich either no rare skins i just want to have fun and a friendly 1v1
Parkboy Syrup
People are so toxic and they die 1
Omarion Muriel
I subscribed
Adam Duncan
Why did he have to dance
B3NG3 Games
My 90s are better then the code name elf
Creepergamer Pro Gamer
Protect the defaults
Future Rozaal
Even tho these vids are fake still love them lol
jammi Nicole
Nick Weddell
I'm a default and I'm better than them
Lwj Lauj
Fucking ass mic
89gaming dankness
People in the comments are like. LiKe If yOu loVe yOuR mUm
Shaun Harris
Can you help us find someone hairline
Amanda Egerton
A Diamond
I played Carlitoes 1v1 map.
how many times they gonna say BRAH
Dayanara Arredondo
Can I use your account please I’m subscrib
LazyMuffin 987
Pls explain
Making fun of a dude that is supposedly bad at the game
So what if he is? What does making fun of him accomplish.
hostile turtle
These videos are set up
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I tried out for the RAREST RECON EXPERT I Went into Squad Pretending 4 months ago   12:13