Dog Facetimes Girlfriend Life With a Golden Retriever 3 months ago   00:32

Tucker Budzyn
Dog Facetimes Girlfriend

Tucker Facetimes his girlfriend Mayapolarbear when parents aren't home! Here is their conversation.

Watch our other facetime conversation on Maya's Channel! :

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Tucker Budzyn
Go watch our other facetime convo on Maya's channel!
the white on is maya the polar bear
Excuse me ma'am. Your dog seems to have sprung a leak.
Owen Collins
There faces look weird
jennifer lozanes
Really!Tuckers girlfriend is Mayapolarbear :0!WTH SOOOO cuteeee!
Lawrence S.
She's already drooling Tucker. You lucky you.
Kori the Kawaii Cat :p
Aw! 0w0 so cute!
You two should have more subs than Tseries and PewDiePie!
Mark christopher Mineblox
Ha cute
PointlessPlay Inc.
*what are they gonna do alone*
Medhy wolf
Legends says the digs are paid actors
Amelia Gilmore
Tiktok anyone?😂
Vault Boy
Aww! It's nice to see non-mutated monsters
Darwin lopez
I know that the dog has a girlfriend 😂😂 😂😉
Joshua Cordova
Poptart 2010
I bet Tucker's house is full with drool cause boy did she drool ALOT!
Tyeese Goodwin
Illumination Subliminals
“Parents not home”
*drooling intensifies*
Moonlight 7890
Thats my face at my facetime
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Life With a Golden Retriever Dog Facetimes Girlfriend 3 months ago   11:24