Bobby Knight throws a chair Michael Jordan 1992 NBA finals 5 months ago   05:51

Jean-Sebastien Blondel
Legendary Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight throws gets mad at the referees and throws a chair on the court before getting ejected in a game against Purdue played on february 23, 1985.

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Will March
Will March
Sean Ferree
In my opinion, this is the most epic moment in sports history
absolutely incredible
The crowd NEVER shuts the fuck up. We should hear what the officials are saying. All you hear is WOOOOOOOPPPPPOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAHHHHH from the crowd at all times throughout every match, ever.
Jerry Lee Kersey
Way to teach Young people watching about sportsmanship. You putz
Alexander DiCola
I got very angry 😤 at mom and dad today I hit dad when I got so Angry 😤 I choked my mom when I got so Angry.
What will Bobby Knight do when he retires?
Maybe he will become a furniture salesman and throw a chair in the deal.
Scott Brown
I would have fired that clown Coach Knight after that incident. No call for that in sports
Tre' Cooledge
I couldn't ever stand Bobby Knight. The NCAA should have kicked his butt out of college basketball decades ago. He was a nasty, dirty old man who treated kids like crap. And yes, they were college kids who bullied his players and used fear to get his way instead of motivation like a real coach.
That was a jump ball. A blind man could see that.
And they applaud him, pathetic man child and fans.
no excuse for losing your cool as much so as to throw a chair across the court. He was a winner but his lack of controlling himself led to his demise.
Shane Freeland
Can we really be sure he wasn't merely "moving" his chair when it "slipped" out of his hand?
Fr3ddy VF
This is good quality? 😂
Jason Moreland
Dude had balls
Jessie Henry
*for CHAIR see: HISSY FIT*
The snowflakes today would just melt at the mere sight of Bobby Knight.
thaddeus buttmunch
After promising to Never set foot at Indiana University again, he recently DID. Sort of a Goodbye tour. He unfortunately is losing his Mind. (wonder if he played collision sports in his Youth?) He should exercise, eat Mediterranean, and take a few tokes of Cannabis each day. This staves off Alzheimers Disease. The Drugs don't WORK...either Aricept or the anti-Amyloid BS. I'm an MD-I Know.
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Michael Jordan 1992 NBA finals Bobby Knight throws a chair 5 months ago   06:08

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