Who will die in Game of Thrones Season ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Kit Harington: 4 months ago   12:40

This is the final prediction video ahead of Game of Thrones Season 8 - Final answers for the 105 question contest

This video is both an analysis of events from past seasons of HBOs "Game of Thrones" as well as Game of Thrones Season 8 theories and Game of Thrones Season 8 predictions.

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Nymeria Darkstorm
Sweet dreams, Kev..We made it. Talk to you, tonight ☺️
This is so sad to watch after finishing Season 8... all of these predictions would’ve been 100000% better than what actually ended up happening in the show
Best Slowpoke EU
pretty close
Brilliant! Just Brilliant!
Deb Z
Arya once asked if it was possible to kill a wizard. I feel like that must be Varys or Qyburn.
Anita Lumley
“Theon is going to survive.”

Whoops. Now we know. 🌚
Betsy Notovitz
Well you got some of those deaths for the War of the Dawn right. Very Cool. Now as our hero's approach Kings Landings would you please do a video about Bronn and his (possible)attempt to kill Tyrion or Jaime.
can we get 6.9k subs for no reason
Nahhhhh theon dies horribly poor man.
Pvt. Pepe
It will be Sansa and Tryrion ruling. Arya will sail west and discover "America". It is predicted !
Khadijah Beckles
I just watched the Battle of Winterfell... first of all best 👏🏽 episode 👏🏽 eVeR 👏🏽

Second I’m pleased with your guesses. A few a wrong and mess up some theories (I won’t spoil and say which ones 🤫) but the ones you got right are awesome.

I was already a fan and thought your theories seemed to make sense. But this just showed how well you know this series and it’s been a pleasure to see things from your perspective.
Peter Balish, or Littlefinger, told Jon in the crypts, that he brought Ned Stark's bones back to Winterfell, to the crypts, as a favor to Catelyn.
And your theory comes crumbling down D:
Aristotle Menace
You were right about a lot of deaths in this video
I WANT it to be your way, but if you think this has a happy ending then you haven’t been paying attention
Boris Z
why not to let dragons die of old age? there don't seem to be many of them. and besides who knows if there is more eggs to come from Asshai. we never saw that part of the world nor the lands east to that ...
Everyone: who’s going to die?

Directors: yes
jade king
does anyone know the name of the song in the beginning of the video, the piano theme?
Davey Jones
stabbing the mountain in the face isn't going to do anything, as that is not his original head.
the head belongs to one of the dwarfs killed to claim cercei's bounty on tyrian.
it's prolly only there to keep the helmet on and maintain a vaguely humanoid shape.
Davey Jones
no dude, the missing ingredient to valerian steel is the same ingredient that generates
dragonglass: extreme heat.
the one thing valerians alone had access to: dragon fire
Rupert Steffler
Yeah so they'll let Cersei live and kill the dragon. They'll do that to get rid of fire magic but they'll keep going with the incest?
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‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Kit Harington: Who will die in Game of Thrones Season 4 months ago   08:40

Kit Harington was tight-lipped about the final season of “Game of Thrones,” but tells Willie Geist he is “satisfied” with how the storyline finishes for his character, Jon Snow. In this week’s Sunday Sitdown, the actor also gives clues about the epic Battle of Winterfell and opens up about his marriage to co-star Rose Leslie.
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‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Kit Harington: Battle Of Winterfell Will Be ‘Quite Special’ | Sunday TODAY