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Fresno Fresh
I lived there in the early 90s went to Durham elementary
vinod jain
Julia Smith
I really enjoyed this. :)
Panda Lover
I have been to most of those places....I’m shook MY SCHOOL IS THERE TOO OML
My friend said she watches wtf
Anthony Timpe
Extremely way overpriced and all you see there is turbine heads indians vietnamese chinese and mexicans. You hardly see any White people up there.
FREMONT IS FOR RELAXING...SAN FRANCISCO IS FOR SIGHT SEEING & FUN TIMES & A FAST PACE CITY LIFE!!!! LOL Don't ever get the two confused when you "relocate" out here! ;-D
Gregory Carter
Am I the only one that heard her say it is easily accessed by Interstate 690 and 880? Haha
All high schools are gay their
Sophie Mora
The city motto might as well be "The most anti-Trump you can be without being pro-Hillary."
Tnb Spotter
I grew up in Fremont. Do white people still exist there?
Mustache Cashdash
Born in Fremont and lived their my whole life, still to this day
M Lee
Unfortunately the quality of living in this city depleted over the years. Thornton Avenue and Fremont Blvd. have been enormously neglected where buildings & businesses are in horrendous condition. Majority of the employees or business owners in this town is disgruntled with hostility. Peralta Blvd and Dusterberry was formerly a good area to be in when luxury car dealerships were there, now it's became a unpleasant environment. Last example, house prices in the Tri-City area got hit the worse during the 2008 financial crisis vs other areas that should mean something. 
Hola corazón feliz cunpel años q dios te bendiga hoy y siempre
Mohammad Kamran
Fucking hate this place. Can't wait to move out of here.
Pradip Bandyopadhyay
Nice presentation about Fremont.Thanks.
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