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Dmx 512 Led Controller 24 Channel For Your Own Led Strips | Introducing The "colorful X1 V2" Ws2812B Music-Controller - At Up-Tube.com

DMX 512 LED controller 24 Channel for your own led strips Introducing the "Colorful X1 V2" WS2812B Music-Controller 4 months ago   14:42

This decoder was supplied to me by Banggood.com
DMX512 decoder http://bit.ly/2e5ariC
EU warehouse discount http://bit.ly/2exeeqY
music in this video was made by markusfuller

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Sean Seloadji
How are you able to control all 24 channels (8 LED strips X 3 channels [RGB] ) if your DMX controller only has 16 channels per scanner?
kevin safack
can we have strobe effect on this decoder ?
Przemysław Stachura
Does anyone have any idea how to create fixtures for that box for FREESTYLER? Or how to control this box from a computer in any other way? I have it connected to my PC via USB converter
Phill Seaman
I like the effects that you have produced. What are the specs on the LED Strip lights you used? (Brand, Model, Type)
Andy Gentile
Hiya!! Great video!!! Thank you so much! Do they make these decoders so you don't have to solder the DMX bits in? I'm not familiar with soldering so I'm hoping people have made decoders that are more plug-and-play friendly. Would this work? https://www.amazon.com/JOYLIT-Channel-Constant-Volatge-Controller/dp/B07FCJCX7F/ . If it does, how can i power it without stripping and soldering more wires? :)
Eric Le Jacques
Bonjour, je viens de faire l'achat d'un décodeur DMX à SPI pour contrôler une chaine de 50 modules pixels WS2811, avez vous déjà utilser ce type de leds? Auriez-vous un conseil pour sélectionner les Switch Dip? Merci d'avance et aussi pour les vidéos que vous faites.
Ariana Cycom
Justin Tai Sen Choy
Fantastic video thanks so much, I'm thinking about fitting up my puppet theatre with DMX controlled fairy lights. Have you any advice about a good but small and inexpensive control DMX unit I could get and advice about cool lights and effects I could control with it?
Charles Urick
Great tutorial! Thank you.
nice vid. I would like to flicker an LED strip on a beat drop and I would like to pre-program this. Does somebody have an affordable idea for that?
Pyrrohs Podcast
I always thought the "X" stood crossing. The prefix being "inter".
Peter Nance
Hi Markus - thanks for the informative video. 2 questions: what UK power supply do you use for this? And how can the DMX channels be used to create the sort of flowing chase from one end of the strips to the other as per the demo on the box? Ie can each RGB 'segment' be individually dimmed and set as a scene? Cheers
Oh boy, most of what you said and overlaid on the intro is wrong. DMX 512 stands for Digital MultipleX with 512 *channels* - which is called a universe. You can add multiples of these to get well over 9000 channels for huge installations or theme parks and such.

There's actually 512 * 8 bits of information per 'frame' per universe. Each channel can be represented as 0-255 and there can be 0.8 to 830 updates per second.

Those little green block connectors are called either Phoenix connectors or Euroblock connectors, and the plug you're attaching to it is an XLR3 connector, probably manufactured by Neutrik.
Disco Killers
Great walk through.Thanks for the video
Colin Vieira
Do you know of a dimmer pack that is compatible for LED strip lights but has DMX input and output? instead of the RGB or CAT ins and out? or do you need to make an adapter for it?
Was expecting to hear some Dmx synced to the lights
Abe Coulter
First of all. That's a par can no one calls them disco lights any more. Secondly. DMX stands for. Digital MultipleX.. not interface.
Jon Sands
Are you Colin Furze's dad?
Lil Rocker Dudes
Would you think that the LED's could be controlled by wireless with a D-FI/DMX512 DMX512 2.4GHz XLR Wireless Transmitter/Receiver?
robert rickman
Is it possible to use 12v MR16LED 'track light' bulbs instead of strips....I'm trying to build a Mini Lighting Rig for a small live music stage using modified PAR36 fixtures...(I have 50+)... I removed the 110vac/6vdc transformer and old bulb, fit new 12v LED into 'can'(easy MOD), add color lens or gel... done... Great light, cheap DIY...$8 a piece. All I'm trying to get is 8 Dimmable channels(3 colors, 5 spots), real simple WASH scenes..... Trying to Recycle/Upcycle....is this what the item I think I need?
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Introducing the "Colorful X1 V2" WS2812B Music-Controller DMX 512 LED controller 24 Channel for your own led strips 4 months ago   06:10

Introducing the great little "Colorful X1" WS2812B Musiccontroller made by Shenzhen Gengyuan Technology Co. LTD.
--- UPDATE 24.01.17 --- Unfortunately the controller is sold out at the moment, in the european store, but I got the latest news from the manufacturer, that it will be asap in stock again! I´ll inform you soon about!

Today I wants to introduce you a little and inexpensive WS2812B-Controller with lots of great features!

In my first video here I´ll show you a short "How to use/ how it works" (Sorry for the noise, it´s the fan of my power supply :( ).
If you have any questions about, feel free to ask me :)!

And if you like it and wants to buy this controller, you can get it from the original manufacturer/ official Reseller "WS2811"on ebay:

Here the prefered shop for all EU Buyers: (Unfortunately out of stock at the moment!)

(send from germany, no additional taxes or fees!)

And here you´ll find the chinese Int´l Shop outside EU:

But now back to the video:
For my video I´ve used a 5 meter long (30LED/m) black IP65 WS2812B stripe.

First of all let´s take a closer look at the cabling.
Be sure to connect it all in the proper way!
A external Power supply (5V/ min. 10A - depend on how much LEDs you wants to control /LED stripe lenght needed)

Controller V+ = red cable from stripe (5V+ power supply)
Controller D = green cable from stripe (LED Data line)
Controller C = for 2812B not used!
Controller V- = white cable from stripe (Ground power supply)

LED stripe second red = 5V+ power supply
LED stripe second white = Ground power supply

After proper cabling lets switch on and start :)!

You can choose the remote in different ways, as seen in my video.

1. option: use the "color ring" to choose the prefered ambient color
2. option: choose one of the 14 great auto patterns (music isn´t necessary in this case) with the "M" up/down wipe
3. you can make slower or faster the sequence with the "S" button
4. and change the pattern direction with the left "D" button
5. finally you can use one of the amazing different 33 music modes (to select with the right "musical note" Button)

Hint: Please note, sometimes it´s necessary to switch the Controller for the first time in WS2812B mode to get it work!
But its very easy.
Only what you have to do is to press the "D" up/down buttons at the same time

Here some technical details:

5V WS2811/WS2812B/1903 LED digital music controller with RF touch remote

Product Description:

1. The radio-frequency capacitive touch controller, effective control of distance of 20 m
2. Using LED buttons backlight, easy to use at night
3. The audio port, the 3.5 MM audio access, undisturbed when using music mode, make the lights change rhythm is better
4. The advanced PWM pulse width modulation technology, change effect is exquisite, the fixed link end connection
5. A variety of classic mode, follow the selected
6. 33/27 music change modes let whole atmosphere more rhythm.
7. All remote control to wear a special fixed seat, easy to install


. input power: : DC5V ~ 12 v
. output: data signal
. voice control: 70 db
. remote control battery: 7 # battery * 2 grains
. remote standby power consumption: 0.08 mW
. products working temperature: - 20 ~ 60

The package contents:

- 1x wireless remote control
- 1x Main controller
- 1x Audio-Audio cable (3,5 mm stereo)
- 1x quick manual