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Strictly Dumpling
On this food adventure, I went to tour the San Miguel Market in Madrid, Spain. This is a great place to visit, sampling some of the best Madrid's market food has to offer. After the market, I went to El Sur to eat gambas which is shrimp with garlic sauce, and I had some Cuban pulled pork. That pork was my favorite dish there. For dessert, I ate churros with hot chocolate, and this place was incredibly packed so get ready to wait in line! To end my food day, I went to one of the oldest restaurants in Spain, Botin and it's famous for its roast suckling pig!
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✧ Mercado San Miguel (Madrid) Market
✧ Taberna el Sur
✧ Viandas de Salamanca
✧ Bar La Campana
✧ Chocolatería San Ginés
✧ Restaurante Botin

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Michael John Morales
You're the worst! You make me freaking crave in all of your foddiegoddie!!!
Rae Rae
We were at Taberna El Sur last May and every dish we had were fantastic!
Chevy Chase
Book my ticket now! LOL thanks for the video!
1:47 Care for some rape?
Limit Lee
The guy who is making the panet looks like post malone
Hala Madrid
Kabuno San
Probably Michael Jackson goes to that restaurant lmao
mrs mayers
Michael Yang
This guy really looks so much like Jackie chan! His cousin ? No ???
Why does the tag say rape at 1:46 lol
Kadir Demiralan
Those garlic shrimp dish look delicious.
Laura Kester
Ack deep sea fish are the stuff of nightmares lol, hope it tastes better than it looks
ciomaris pinto monteiro
sorry it is not bacon it is prosciutto!!!! 🥰
I think when Mikey says he had to go take a nap I think he secretly means he needs to take a poop to make more room for tasty food 🤗
Omg, that bear made me do a double take when you leaned back to eat the sandwich meat at 10:28
Tungsten Hu
Best food channel. We get to see the food and see it get eaten.

Some food channel just shows the food and suddenly the food disappeared.

As for mike he chomps on them and makes you wanna eat it more.
Frankie Holland
i really wanna know how he has such good skin but eats such oily foods 😂
Green Dragon
8:28 ey its Post Malone😀😀😀😀😀
Aki Pham
1:47 looks what it says next to the fish
eric rehberg
they dont smoke their ham in spain... xd
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Osaka Japan Street Food Tapas Tour & OLDEST RESTAURANT 2 days ago   17:46

I went to the Dontonbori area of Osaka Japan and tried out the delicious street food there. This is where takoyaki was orignated and the home to osaka's version of Okonomiyaki also known as japanese pizza.

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