Announcers Getting Angry MLB Playback - The Most Interesting Plays 1 year ago   10:42

Logan Grutchfield
This compilation highlights announcers getting upset and having minor outbursts about what is going on on the field.

Only one clip each of Hawk Harrelson and Tommy Heinsohn! Both of them are such homers that I didn't want them to overtake the focus of this compilation. I got one memorable call from each of them.

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Anthony Berry
Apparently it was a backwards pass
Fuzzy Hoping
8:15 What Is It Called
What the hell was Brett Favre thinking 🤦‍♂️
Thomas James
"You can take a knee, and try a 56 yard FIELD GOAL"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Frank Hankly
DAmn Alexi fucked them up with some truth
Alexi Lalas was right tho....
1:30 dood on the left is seriously uncomfortable lol....
Jared Barsuglia
3:32 even MLB “announcers getting angry” can be excruciatingly boring.
alfonso salinas
The last one 🤷‍♂️
Manchester_United_Fan 10
idiots be saying Mayweather is better then Muhamed Ali
Boomer compilation
Chrome Child
I remember when Nick Folk was the kicker for an AAF team coming to play mine. My seats were freaking 5 rows away from him, I was the biggest asshole fan ever to him. I don't regret it, even got his ass to laugh at a few of the jabs I threw. All the misses in the NFL, the highlight(and I mean lowlight) moments of his pro career, and of course the general terrible puns of yelling "Hey Nick, Folk you!" All the best to ya Nick, it was fun when you came to Memphis.
Baseball announcers are the funniest, bitching about a game when there are 125 more to play in the season lmao
Hater Hurdler
4:15 what in the heeyyeeaaeeeell are you doing!?
Almost impossible to bust a nut to this shit.
Frost The Weavile
People really take this sports thing seriously. Never understood it.
Brian Hanrahan
What was the dodgers-Mets one about?
King Nut
Alexi Lalas is a real one
TrapKing Productions
Floyd would get obliterated by that man. Pussy only hugs people in the ring anyways and relies on a payed ref. If anything he doesn’t know shit about boxing.
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MLB Playback - The Most Interesting Plays Announcers Getting Angry 1 year ago   21:30

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