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Announcers Getting Angry | Mlb Playback - The Most Interesting Plays - At Up-Tube.com

Announcers Getting Angry MLB Playback - The Most Interesting Plays 1 year ago   10:42

Logan Grutchfield
This compilation highlights announcers getting upset and having minor outbursts about what is going on on the field.

Only one clip each of Hawk Harrelson and Tommy Heinsohn! Both of them are such homers that I didn't want them to overtake the focus of this compilation. I got one memorable call from each of them.

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The Joose
That Lalas take tho...
Loves Greatness
Gotta love Tommy H.
Ricky Hadou
I swear, I feel so much for that Vikings announcer.
American getting emotional about soccer. Kudos to him.
Just Because
I love how Floyd told that asshole off it's been way overdue- simple minded fucking dumb ass journalists who never participated in the sport
King Triton
Every US citizen got amped from Lalas' rant.
After all these years, its still too tough to watch the spike at :01 on the clock by Jordan Jefferson. Les Miles as brilliant as he was sometimes, could really shit the bed, and quite often at that!
9:04 Nuts & Bolts, we got screwed! im using this in my every day life from now on, oh man im roflmao
8:17 saving some of the best for last
4:22 That is so bad, its absolutely boo!! lolol bahaha - i dont think i could said that without saying absolute poo.
8:20 the voices in my head
Axe Beats
guy on my left ear😂
KyleKick Power BUZZTKO
If only The current WWE Commentary team were like these announcers
lol @ the dude with Alexi Lalas...all like “uhhhh, ok.”
Les the moron Miles
Alex Juarbe
Nice glimpse of Mayweather's woman-beating fury. Fuckin degenerate.
CodyTheBananaMan - Gaming & Music
I have seen this video like 5 times and it never gets old.
A les mile special to close? Nice
Mike G
I didn't want to be reminded of that fucked up game. Minnesota sport teams are cursed!
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MLB Playback - The Most Interesting Plays Announcers Getting Angry 1 year ago   21:30

Add Eng sub at 00:25, 05:17 & 21:09 to translate original Jap sub.
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