Muhammad Ali Funeral | Billy Crystal Funniest Joke I Ever Heard 11 months ago   13:55

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Billy Crystal Imitates Ali at the Late Boxer's Funeral | Watch the actor pretend to trash-talk George Foreman as Ali would have done.

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amy bastian
Wheew , This is serious . Great job Mr Crystal , I learned so much more about the man . But he wasn't born out of thin air with mother nature . Please.
Tatiana Krasiuk
Clean shaven joke stolen from Foster Brooks
Best Bout Gaming
One of the greatest men who ever boxed
Tunde Kuforiji
Even in 2020 he is still the greatest of them all rest in peace.
Legends never die, they remain with us forever
What a eulogy. Soo beautiful
Paul Lawrence
RIP Ali, you will always be the greatest.
Vee Israel
He was one of the belove brother.I was so happy to meet you and your beautiful wife.
Best eulogy.
Prentis Davis
My dad lived in Richmond,VA and spoke to Ali while leaving a restaurant. When my dad moved to Chicago, Ali was in Washington park and recognized him. Even told him where he had seen him before. Awesome dude!
Clement Cumberbatch
andrew Hill
Muhammad Ali is the greatest!!!!!! R.I.P
atul nath
You just can't put words any better than this beautiful tribute .
Vikkor Heel
Passionate Patriot
The sole muslim I have respect for !!
John Lyons
Simply beautiful ☘️
Peter Ang
12:38 . Wow wat do's Mr.Bean doing in the ring...
Charles Stevens
This is the most disrespectful show of hypocrisy that the white race as a people have ever put on display to show how they love to put their shame in a pretty box with a ribbon on top to say "its ok now"! To turn a mans homegoing into a variety show ,is beyond words that I can define. Imagine ,Black people doing this with the remains of say Richard Nixon or Bobby Kennedy,it wouldnt happen ! Now I for one was no longer a fan of Ali,yet I remember how he was treated by the U.S government and it wasnt all cheeky and smiles. He actually became what he said he wouldnt become....Joe Louis. I remember how horrifying it was to watch him light the torch for the Olympics, while thinking how he had the 3 best years of his craft taken from him. Im sure I will be dogged for my stance in this matter but he should had been sent off in a better fashion, with dignity and class instead of some damn upper class Dean Martin roast!
This might be the best speech ever there is.. My hats of to you BC. RIP Champ.
Saïd Jalkh
Misplaced Wonderfull tribute to an unworthy man, yet very nice billy still the best.
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Funniest Joke I Ever Heard Muhammad Ali Funeral | Billy Crystal 11 months ago   01:51

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