BIRD BOX (2018) Ending + Monsters The Ending Of Bird Box Explained 3 weeks ago   17:22

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Digging into the world and monsters of the huge hit BIRD BOX, where a mysterious force decimates the world's population. Find out all about what the monsters are, breaking down the story, other lingering mysteries and explaining the ending.

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Bird box. Its a metaphor for Safe spaces.
Wouldn't they all die after like... 6 years? I mean, how much food does the school for the blind have?
Mark Franklin
He doesn't explain anything he just goes over the movie as telling someone who hasn't seen it!
p7arash mishra
It follows similar kind of story pattern without ever explaining the monster often giving little hints but was really entertaining through out birdbox starting was cool but later becomes nothing more than a boring character development segment #cringey
Russell from Up
Black dude deja vu deja vu
Russell from Up
So your telling me that the Asian race shall thrive guess I’m surviving cus we don’t have eyes
Food with gluten
I enjoyed the movie, could care less about "self-proclaimed" movie critics. The only thing I did not like was the ending. Too open for possibilities. Unless...they are planning on making another part.
bird box: can’t see
quiet place: can’t speak
hush: can’t hear
logan paul: can’t think
go check the definition of 'explanation' you twat.
And the movie was total trash.
Mutebi Jordan
please explain papillon
Not every one had the same effect tho
Nadia Neff
Bird Box - Cant Look
Quiet Place - Cant Talk
Hush - Cant Hear

Jeffery Star- Cant Relate
Ashley Gray
Do southbound please!!!
Bloodfury Killer
John Malkovich = Exo Zombies 2 John Malkovich Dies Fucking Again
XG Twister Official
Just saying, I think the "ghost" is John Cena.
Cameron E.
Great decision to never show the monsters. Throughout the whole movie, these creatures create this consistent feeling of fear and dread, because nobody alive is able to see their presence, including the audience. This remains throughout the entire film and in the very end, those things are still out there, haunting the planet, and we still don’t know what they even are.

What I hate about movies that do an eventual monster reveal, is that it feels forced. There is nothing wrong with keeping this fear of the unknown when the movie ends.

Speaking of which, despite the ending being a tiny bit anti climatic, abrupt and possible unsatisfying, I did not find it as bad as everyone said it was. It was a cute ending.
rhylie story’s
The entity is secretly North Korea's plan to wipe us out
Christopher Boyd
Love the Brisco County Jr in your library
MInerva Vidad
Ho is the killer
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The Ending Of Bird Box Explained BIRD BOX (2018) Ending + Monsters 3 weeks ago   07:17

Explaining the ending of Bird Box (2018).

#BirdBox #Netflix #EndingExplained

Movie analyzed: Bird Box (2018)

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