Here's Why the 2017 Ford GT Is Worth Here's Why the McLaren 720S Is Worth 8 months ago   17:38

Doug DeMuro

I'm reviewing the new 2017 Ford GT to show you all of its cool quirks, interesting technology, awesome features -- and its driving experience.

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Misiek Shego
Bro chill little bit you talking to much
Beautiful backdrop....
Misiek Shego
Some people say 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds & some say 3.5 second final this guy says 3.2 seconds.Can someone tell the exactly numbers ????????
Feuer Feri
press 1, 2, 3, 7, 8... and you got yourself a new top 40 beat.
momo koko
In the 2005 GT video you were not wearing a watch or jewelry, but in this video you have a watch!LOL I like the 2005 more than the new one...
Jose Misael
I have the honor of detailing a Ford gt o6 it was simple all plastic no carpet I didn't mind is a sexy race car & one of my dream car is the f40 the interior is simple & plane not even a stereo but again is a race car & Straight people don't care about the interior 🤣
Charlie Yang
Is this Ford's attempt making a Lamborghini?
New Beginnings
not impressed
Curtis Sherwood
The original Ford GT40 was a beautiful classic car. This thing is a total piece of rubbish. Looks like a Lambo gone horribly wrong. or maybe one of those Japanese folded piece of paper things. One very disgusting car.
Frank Pineda
Why would they put a V6 on a car like this? Horrible, it should have a V12 or a V8 , very nice looking car
A. De Jesus
Love your humor Doug. Keep up the great work.
Steve Dakin
Why can't you ever afford to cut your Jew fro.. your mother must have been a fat slam 🐖.. fucking scrub
Todd Martin
It's not just a car.
It's a trophy!🤗🏆
Taco Crisma
Would have loved to see this in a true manual.
WickedSharp 001
11:59 I really am disappointed because I've watched 11 of your videos and havent come across one that shows what it's like to be behind the wheel while in motion
WickedSharp 001
That's some beautiful background. I dont know what's more mesmerizing...the car or the clouds n mountains
No car is worth a half million idc what you say, it’s either it’s rarity or the name and usually the name has to do with the rarity and the rarity has to do with the name. Video only needed to be 20 seconds long that’s it.
LYNX_ 1330
Plsss go check out the Aston Martin Vulcan
Jeffrey Sasquatch
For what that car costs, that dang thing better have a 1,000hp v-8 or 12 cylinder. Screw that worthless FORD v-6 crap!....but then again I wouldn't own ANY Found On Road Dead if you paid me!
Eau Rouge
I like how the exterior looks like something that shits all over any other sports car, and the interior has almost no design in it... it's almost cheap looking. I really dig it. Want to see an all analogue version of the interior.
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Here's Why the McLaren 720S Is Worth Here's Why the 2017 Ford GT Is Worth 8 months ago   25:45



The McLaren 720S is the latest exotic supercar -- and it comes with a huge price tag, of $300,000 or more. Today I'm reviewing a McLaren 720S to show you why the 720S is worth so much.

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