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The 2019 Corvette Zr1 Is Finally Here! | I'm Buying The 2019 Corvette Zr1?! - At Up-Tube.com

The 2019 Corvette ZR1 is FINALLY HERE! I'M BUYING THE 2019 CORVETTE ZR1?! 7 months ago   01:44

Cars, Costs and Technology
It looks like the 2019 Corvette ZR1 is finally (almost) here! I know we're all looking forward to the official announcement this weekend!

Check out these links for all of the details available right now:




Full leaked Car & Driver article posted here:


(With Pictures)

Music by Joakim Karud http://youtube.com/joakimkarud


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Cars, Costs and Technology
Sorry for the poor quality video guys. I just wanted to get this info out quickly. The links in the description seem to provide the most thorough info on the topic. I'm still a little skeptical about some of the information that has surfaced, so I've decided not to comment until more details are available this weekend 👍
j d
750 hp!
George Giannopoulos ZL1 2015 2017
it's going to be a beast! i think has 800 hp 750 estimated GM has suprise 800 or 850 hp for the new ZR1
craig howard
Shoulda been 800hp
عبدالعزيز الحسين
why sorry but 750hb a horrible 800hb great to zr1
Eagle Fat
I sure GM is joking and giving out misinformation, and they drop a mid engine ZR1 with a DOHC LT5, otherwise this Zr1 is just a Z06 with a proper size blower and a ricer wing. Why even buy one, just get a Z06 and change the pulley and there you have another 100hp without adding 140lbs. There is no way it took GM that long just to put a wing on the back and switch back to bigger blower like they had on the LSA and LS9.
Eagle Fat
Boo, they should not have used the LT5 name on a revised LT4 , the last LT5 was a Crazy (for 1990) 405hp all motor all aluminum DOHC 32v race engine that had a 8,000 rpm tach, this new LT5 is just a LT4 with the bigger blower that should have came on the LT4 in the first place. Plus it weighs like 140lbs more... a mustang comes with carbon fiber rims, wheres the weight reduction? there is no reason a aluminum frame, fiberglass. plastic fender car should weigh anywhere near a steel camaro thats stupid. They need to go back to the c5 z06 style at 3,100lbs.
Mister G
Kavinsky Smith
and I thought the C7 looked bad at Debut, this looks worse, it looks like a Chipmonk mobile! like a chipmonk with nuts stuck in its mouth!

god damn it dodge, bring the viper back.............. we need one car from detriot that doesnt look like a european road wreck custom special by koenig with a big body kit by rocket bunny.
I hope it will be able to put all that POWER down with good TRACTION like a porsche...And not just be another car for that's only GOOD for looks and BURNOUTS...
steven wentling
I am concerned that they are going to price themselves right out of the market
Peter Carey
CCandT. Thanks for the update Robert. Now if you really, really wanted to increase your subscriber list you'd hop on a plain a do a livestream from Dubai. 😂Keep us posted and Save the Wave.
Fucking dope ass car.
Yovany Mora
It looks fucking hideous
Marcus Wethington
I'm a security guard at the Corvette plant and they have us guarding the cars all this week and next, they sound amazing and it's been amazing watching them being built.
K Phan
That kinda sux it's debut in Dubai and not here in murica
Still looks like a push rod motor? Everyone knows the z06 can do 750 motor easily....with the stock blower ported and polished more like 700 to the wheels.... But bye bye warranty. I'm sure it's a bigger displacement blower if anything. They also tagging it as a 2019? I don't think it would be worth it if it's still an LT4 with a slightly bigger blower. Wait and see I guess. Kinda not liking how they gonna go for #'s only and put a body kit on a z06 and call it a day.
800 should have been the real number...
Rusty Zipper
Seriously, whoever produced this teaser video at Corvette has not seen the Dodge Demon videos. C’mon Corvette people, get some young blood in your marketing department. This teaser video makes me want to go out into my garage and rev the nuts out of my Z06, make a better video and claim it’s a ZR1; which would sound better than that garbage audio clip.
Backyard Chevy
Lol maybe one day ill get enough subscribers where i can get one for my channel
Lotus Diaries
VR REACTION VIDEO !!! Everyone like this if you wanna see a reaction video with the c7 !!!
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I'M BUYING THE 2019 CORVETTE ZR1?! The 2019 Corvette ZR1 is FINALLY HERE! 7 months ago   18:48

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I'M BUYING THE 2019 CORVETTE ZR1?! Or should I get the GT3RS? Decisions....

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